Report and video from Bobby Petrino's weekly press conference

Report and video from Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino's weekly press conference

13 points.  That's all that separates Louisville from a much better start than the 0-3 record that the team is sitting at as it preps for the week four.  Despite the narrow margin on the scoreboard, a winless start to a season creates new challenges for the coaches and players.

During his weekly Monday afternoon press conference, Cardinals head coach Bobby Petrino opened with the added struggles that the 0-3 start has brought.

"Like I told the team, losing's hard," Petrino said. "It's hard on you as an individual. It's hard on you as a group. It challenges your attitude. It challenges your character. It challenges how you stay together and believe in each other. You have to deal with all those things when you lose your first three games."

Petrino hopes that leadership from veteran players like James Burgess, Keith Kelsey, Sheldon Rankins and Aaron Epps will help as the team prepares for Saturday's home game against the Samford Bulldogs.  He describes the task of making certain his players are looking forward as his top priority this week.

"The number one job I have is to keep the team together, continue to focus and continue to work hard," he said. "Really the biggest thing for this week is to improve and focus on ourselves.  Getting better and the issue is us. How we go about our business and how we play the game."


  • The depth chart released with the weekly game notes lists no starting quarterback.  It appears just as Saturday's, with an 'OR' between Kyle Bolin and freshman Lamar Jackson. 
  • Wide receiver James Quick is recovering nicely from the ankle injury he suffered during the season-opener against Auburn.  Petrino reported that Quick ran on Monday and pending how his ankle responds (swelling), he may return to practice "in a limited capacity" on Tuesday.
  • Defensive tackle DeAngelo Brown and running back L.J. Scott also met with the media on Monday.

Check out the videos below for the entire press conference:

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