The latest news on the investigation into the University of Louisville basketball program

It's been almost a week since allegations were brought out towards the University of Louisville basketball program in a book titled "Breaking Cardinal Rules." Cardinal Authority has been following the story and has the latest update.

It's been a newsy day on the University of Louisville basketball investigation front.

The U of L program has come under scrutiny since last Friday when word broke that Louisville escort Katina Powell said a former basketball staff arranged and paid for escorts to entertain former players recruits and in some cases parents of recruits.

While much of the chatter in the first few days has been speculation back and forth, the university hired investigator Chuck Smrt and the NCAA is also investigating. The first potential bombshell was dropped early Thursday when CBS Sports quoted a source talking about the meeting between former U of L recruit JaQuan Lyle and the NCAA.

The report said Lyle "confirmed the gist" of the allegations that Powell claimed in her book. Lyle, who at one point was committed to Louisville and is now at Ohio State, talked to the NCAA this week according to an Ohio State spokesman.

Andre McGee, the former staffer in question at U of L has hired Louisville attorney Scott Cox, who immedately responded to the CBS report with a statement that questioned the leak.

"How can you comment on a leak from an anonymous source from what is supposed to be a confidential interview?" Cox said in a written statement to the media. "Who is the source of this information? What does the 'gist' mean? This is going to be a long criminal and NCAA investigation. We're not going to comment on every rumor."

U of L president Dr. James Ramsey released a statement - his first words on the investigation - after a Board of Trustees meeting. He fully backed athletic director Tom Jurich in the statement.

Here's the complete statement:

"As was stated last week, when we learned of the allegations toward our men's basketball team, we immediately hired Chuck Smrt of the Compliance Group to undertake a complete and thorough investigation of the alleged misconduct. Chuck advised us that we should also report these allegations to the NCAA so they could join our investigation.

"For the past 18 years, Tom Jurich has served as Athletic Director of an exemplary program at UofL. I fully support Tom as we work to identify the facts in this situation, and that is what we are doing. Tom and I are committed to the values that are fundamental to the success of Cardinal Athletics. 

As I stated in the recent State of the University address, it is important that the university - all of us - stay focused on our dat-to-day work of providing our outstanding students with a world-class education. The investigation of the allegations may take time and we must, as one university, continue doing the work we do to move our university and our community forward."

And the latest news of the day comes from Eric Crawford of He reported a "source" close to the situation said a former U of L player told Smrt in an interview that he knew of one occassion when strippers were present at the dorm.

The source told Crawford the players knew of no money changing hands - except for one dollar bills thrown at the dancers - and that McGee was not present in the room on this occasion.

Here's the Crawford story: LINK

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