Sophomore wide receiver Javonte Bagley steps up for the Louisville offense from WR spot

Sophomore wide receiver Javonte Bagley stepped up when the Louisville offense needed him, catching three passes for 69 yards in a 17-14 victory over Boston College on Saturday. Bagley has the potential to be a star for the Louisville offense.

The University of Louisville coach staff had high expectations for Javonte Bagley heading into last season. U of L coach Bobby Petrino called him a guy "with a ton of potential."

On Saturday, Louisville fans started to see some of that potential.

The sophomore wide receiver for the Cardinals stepped up to the plate during the Boston College and delievered for the Cardinals' offense. Only playing football for four years, Bagley was a standout during the summer preparations and training camps leading up to this season and Saturday we got to see only a fraction of what we can hopefully expect from this young receiver.

"It was great to see (Javonte) Bagley step in and make plays for us," Petrino said. "He's a guy who really didn't start playing football until he was a junior in high school. He's extremely talented, but he's kind of just learning the game. He keeps getting better. When Jaylen (Smith) got hurt, it was great to see him come in and make plays for us."

Bagley, who had two catches for 18 yards last season as a true freshman, now has seven catches for 88 yards this season. He had three of them against the Eagles, including a highlight-reel 39-yard catch from Lamar Jackson.

"He's talented," Jackson said of Bagley. "He's been showing it in practice."

With high hopes for the future with this young receiver, Petrino definitely found a promising replacement for Smith in Bagley, as well as the excitement of seeing an athlete step up to the challenge.

In post game interview Bagley commented on his performance saying, “It felt great to be able to get a chance to play, I’ve been waiting for my chance, so I’m grateful.”

Bagley could be a major weapon for the Cardinals.

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