Louisville's Damion Lee shows off rap skills at Cardinals' media day event

The University of Louisville basketball team held media day on Wednesday and there was talk of basketball, but also plenty of other things for the Cardinals to chat about - including rapping. Fifth-year transfer Damion Lee is considered the best rapper on the team.

University of Louisville sophomore Jaylen Johnson said it was close and fifth-year transfer Trey Lewis said he felt like he could hang with Damion Lee in a one-on-one situation.

But the two U of L basketball players weren't talking basketball.

Nope. Johnson and Lewis were talking about rapping with Lee, who got the vote from everyone on the team as the best rapper on the Cardinals' team this season during media day on Wednesday.

"It's Damion Lee," Lee said with a smile. "And it's not even close. In fact, it's Damion Lee and then it's D. Lee and then it's Damo (which is my nickname) and then it's Damion L. And then there more before anyone else."

Lewis finally agreed after Lee busted out two freestyle raps for the media, including one towards Lewis. And when asked if he wanted to battle with Lee, Johnson eventually said, "no way."

"He's like the O.G.," Johnson said. "He knows all of the old stuff and he brings it all out."

A fifth-year transfer from Drexel, Lee said the rap is "just something that has come to me," over time, noting the team is always rapping when they are together either in the locker room or away from the basketball court.

"Someone's always rapping," Mangok Mathiang said. "If there's a beat, somebody is rapping."

The skills already have earned the Cardinals' some national attention. At ACC media day last week in Charlotte, N.C., Lewis and Lee represented the Cardinals and towards the end of the day Lewis jumped behind a baby Grand piano and started playing with Lee rapping. It ended up Lee rapping with the N.C. State and Clemson players and was a hit with the media.

"It was a lot of fun," Lee said. "It's just something I like to do. The words just come to me."

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