Louisville cornerbacks coach Terrell Buckley steps down to take position at Mississippi State - back in his home state

Terrell Buckley confirmed to Cardinal Authority that he's headed back home to the state of Mississippi, accepting a position as the safeties coach at Mississippi State University. Here's what he had to say:

Terrell Buckley hasn't lived in the state of Mississippi since he graduated from Pascagoula High School in 1989. But his family still lives in the state and he said he "always wanted to get back" at some point in his life.

After two years as the cornerback coach at the University of Louisville, Buckley tells Cardinal Authority that he'sgoing home. Buckley said he has stepped down from the Cardinals' staff and accepted a position at Mississippi State University.

"It was the toughest decison that I've had to make," Buckley said. "Much tougher than I expected. Any other opportunity and we wouldn't be having this conversation. But this is tough to pass up. It's my family.

"My mom and sisters and cousins, everybody lives within a four-hour radius. It will be nice to be back there again."

But Buckley said it "wasn't as easy" as just going home for family. He interviewed with Dan Mullen on Wednesday and said he woke up Thursday morning and made his final decision.

"I told coach (Bobby) Petrino I would call him at a certain time and I was a little late," Buckley said. "I woke up and was still praying on it.

"With the family and all of that about the situation (at Mississippi State), it still wasn't easy. This i a very good situation here with the AD (Tom Jurich) and coach Petrino, where the program is headed. It's a really good situaton here."

Buckley, an All-American at Florida State, played 14 years in the NFL and spent two years as an assistant coach at Akron before he was hired in Jan. of 2104 at U of L.

It's too early to tell who might replace Buckley, but the outgoing coach has a prediction.

"There's going to be some people fighting over this (job)," Buckley said. "I really like this here. It's a good situation and a really good team coming back. I just couldn't pass up getting back with my family."

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