provides our projections as to how the University of Louisville football staff will finish its 2016 recruiting class. provides our projections as to how the University of Louisville football staff will finish its recruiting class of 2016. The Cardinals currently have 20 verbal commitments. Signing day is Wednesday.

With national signing day just two days away, provides our projections as to how we believe the University of Louisville will round out its current class of football recruits.

We'll update this mock class again before signing day on Wednesday.

The Cardinals currently have 20 verbal commitments in the Class of 2016. We expect the Cardinals will sign a class of 24.

U of L has at least 10 options still left for guys to fill out the final few spots.

So, here's the way we see it breaking down as of now:

Class of 2016 Mock Class


In: Jawon Pass

Out: Finished

Note: Pass visited U of L last weekend and the 4-star QB is solid.

Running back

In: Malik Staples, Dae Williams

Out: Arkeem Byrd, Justin Crawford, Malik Williams, Brian Lankford-Johnson

Note: Staples and Williams are solid; we expected Malik Wiilliams to be part of this class but now it's not so certain; It now appears the Cardinals will only add two running backs in this class.

Wide receiver

In: Chris Taylor-Yamanoha, Keion Wakefield, Seth Dawkins, Dez Fitzpatrick, Keyshawn Young

Out: Freddie Pinder

Note: Fitzpatrick is announcing today and we feel like he'll join the Cardinals; and now we believe Young might pick the Cardinals over Michigan and USC on signing day.

Tight end

In: Austin Cummins

Out: Finished

Note: Cummins is solid.

Offensive line

In: Robbie Bell

Out: Paul Ramirez, Shane Richards, Tyler Roemer

Note: Ramirez and Richards are both making decisions; but we feel the Cardinals will only add one lineman. Also interested to see what the staff does with James DeMatto, who wants to be part of the class.

Special teams

In: Austin Johnson

Out: Alex Barbir

Note: Johnson will be an excellent punter; Barbir committed to Penn State.

Defensive end

In: Kordell Slater, Caleb Tillman, Mike Boykin.

Out: Eric Mitchell.

Note: The three committed at this point will be the three the Cards sign.


In: Tabarius Peterson, Tobias Little, Gary McCrae

Out: Emmett Rice, Chris Baccus, Giovanni LaFrance, Kapri Doucet, Erroll Thompson

Note: McCrae visited and appears to be leaning towards U of L; Rice will decide on Tuesday.

Defensive line

In: Chris Williams, Derek Dorsey

Out: Finished

Note: All good with those two guys already committed.


In: P.J. Blue, Lamarques Thomas, London Iakopo

Out:  Josh Moran, Jaquelle Green, James Wiggins, Chris Tooley

Note: Green isn't going to make a visit and won't be part of the class; we expect Iakopo to join the class.


In: Ronald Walker, Rodjay Burns

Out: Trayvon Mullen, Armunz Matthews, Baylen Buchanan

Note: Walker is already enrolled; Mullen made an unofficial visit this weekend is really looking hard at the Cardinals, while we think Burns will flip back to Louisville on signing day.

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