Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino talks about his future at the University of Louisville

The University of Louisville announced a self-imposed postseason ban last Friday; one week later U of L's Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino spoke to the media about his future with the Cardinals.

It's been a long week for University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino.

Pitino said on Friday that he was tired and worn out and then spoke about his future. His comments came one week after the school announced it was self-imposing a postseason ban for this season because of violations in the program.

The Hall of Fame coach said he "could stay here for another 15 years."

Now what will happen at the end of the season is the big mystery at this point. Pitino was asked about his future and noted that he "absolutely loves Louisville, love the fans, love the fans."

"But five or six years ago, I came up with the theme "Louisville First" and then came up with the Cards Forever. The whole theme behind that was, I wanted to re-brand the situation, that everything is about Louisville.

"We put the University first. We put the city first. Not the coach on the back or the player on the back - just about Louisville. When there comes a day and I don't know when that day is, where my coaching does not put Louisville first, that's when we'll leave. It won't be based on anything other than that. I hope that's not for a long time. But sometimes I don't make those decisions. I do work for a university."

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