Louisville offensive line coach Chris Klenakis talks about his new role at the co-offensive coordinator with the Cardinals

University of Louisville offensive line coach Chris Klenakis spoke with the media on Monday, talking about his new role as the Cardinals' co-offensive coordinator. The Cardinals will begin spring ball on Tuesday.

Chris Klenakis has been with Bobby Petrino for quite a while.

The two coaches have been around each other off and on since 1994, including the past two seasons at the University of Louisville. So with Klenakis  getting promoted to co-offensive coordinator that isn't much change.

"I get it and I know how it works," Klenakis said. "We all have our roles and at the end of the day we are all prepared for the main objective and that's having the team prepared to win."

Klenakis, who will remain the offensive line coach, said his role won't change all that much. Lonnie Galloway is the other part of the co-offensive coordinator and will coach the wide receivers.

But Klenakis said he knows the way things work with the offense at U of L won't change.

"It's real simple," he said. "The head coach calls the plays."

Klenakis said "we'll have input just like we have," noting the staff talks on the headphones throughout a game but noted it will be Petrino who calls the play at the end of the day.

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