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Coach Petrino visits with the media

As players were reporting to the football complex on Wednesday afternoon, Head Coach Bobby Petrino spent a few minutes with the media.<p><b>EXTRA:</B> <a href="">ITV Gallery: FieldTurf</a>

Q: What has you invigorated?

Petrino: Just the excitement. The returning players are excited about getting started and the coaches are excited to see the recruits that we have coming in. Right now there is a lot of energy and it should be like that for the first couple practices and basically after that we have to make sure we stay that way.

Q: Michael Bush said that he'd rather be the number two or three quarterback than play somewhere else. How do you see that?

Petrino: He's coming here to be our quarterback and we knew that when we recruited him. That's what he wants to do and I think he's anxious to get out on the field and just compete for it. I know that he did a great job this summer in the weight room and in the conditioning part and getting to know all the players, going out and throwing with them. Stefan was great, he helped him out. I know that Michael said that Stefan was teaching him what was going on, so they'll be real good in practice and compete hard for the job.

Q: About the new FieldTurf.

Petrino: It looks good, but I know that they still have a lot of work to do. We're hoping that we'll be on it on the 16th so we can run our scrimmage out here and we can have coaches in the press box and basically do a game type situation.

Q: How long until you hope to decide on a starting quarterback?

Petrino: I would like to do it on the 17th. Then you would have two weeks to know who the starters going to be and the players all know that and the quarterback can get himself ready. If we're not quite there on the 17th, which is a Sunday, then we would work real hard on Wednesday and make the decision after that. That's about as long as we go.

Q: How will the new acclimation period change your approach to fall practice?

Petrino: I think it hurts the freshmen. When you don't allow the freshmen to come in early that you take a little bit away from them. We have to do a good job to take care of them, because you had those three days with them before and now that you don't you still have to make sure that they still get that love that they are used to getting.

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