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Introducing Inside TheVille the Magazine

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Introducing Inside TheVille the Magazine

In the past year, we've transformed from being highly successful independent fan sites into one of the most successful and popular websites on TheInsiders Network

Since joining TheInsiders Network in December 2002, you've come to depend on InsideTheVille.com to provide the best and most accurate information about Cardinal athletics and we pride ourselves daily to live up to those lofty expectations.

Order Inside TheVille the Magazine


In the nine months since our inception, we've broken nearly every significant story in Cardinal athletics, whether it be on the recruiting front, coaching changes or roster issues... ITV has always proven first and accurate.

And with our highly successful and popular website, InsideTheVille.com, setting records for subscriptions, unique visitors and unquestioned credibility...we're ready to take the next step and provide something Cardinal fans have never before been presented with.

Without further ado, we're extremely excited and proud to introduce Inside TheVille..the Magazine.

ITV the Magazine, a glossy magazine covering all aspects of Cardinal Athletics, will be the first of its kind available to Cardinal fans.  In addition to providing you with the recruiting information you depend daily on, we'll now take you inside the UofL athletic programs with in depth player and team features, season previews and much, much more.

We're looking forward to producing this unique magazine for Cardinal fans and we're confident you'll find that its quality and substance will live up to its name...Inside TheVille.


Inside TheVille the Magazine is now available for purchase from InsideTheVille.com.

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Order Inside TheVille the Magazine

The first issue of Inside TheVille, the 2003-04 basketball preview, will be mailed in late October and will certainly be a keepsake for all Cardinal fans.



For more details about ITV the Magazine click here

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