William Gay, Gavin Smart & Kolby Smith

<B>ITV Exclusive</B> - Defensive backs Gavin Smart and William Gay spoke with ITV about competing for time in a youth filled secondary. ITV also visited with true freshman Kolby Smith.

Due to inexperience and youth the defensive back position is one that is being watched close by the coaching staff. With Josh Minkins being the only returning player that has started in a real game situation there are a number of players that are being evaluated as possible starters. ITV had a chance to talk two such players in Gavin Smart and William Gay following Thursday's practice to get their impression of how they did.

Redshirt freshman Gavin Smart (5'9, 185) was moved from wide receiver to defensive back this past spring and appears to have adjusted well.

ITV: You had the chance to work at cornerback in spring, how do you feel about your first workout today?

Smart: I feel real good. The coaches have put in some one on one work with me. I have a real good feel for the position now and I know I am a defensive back now. I had to make that change and I feel like I can do it.

ITV: Looks like you might have yourself in a starting position; do you feel you are ready for that challenge?

Smart: I have a lot of confidence in myself right now. I am on this side of the ball now and I feel I can do it.

ITV: What do you think about the season coming up?

Smart: I think it's going to be a great season. The offense is going to be great, but so is the defense.

ITV: There are a lot of new faces at defensive back this year, how do you feel about the other guys back there with you?

Smart: We have a lot of guys that have been here and we all worked all summer together. They have been coaching us and we feel like veterans already.

True freshman William Gay (6'0, 175) had an impressive first practice on Thursday. He will also be competing for quality time at the cornerback position this fall.

William Gay (ITV)
ITV: I know this is only your first practice today, but how do you feel you did today?

Gay: I feel like I had a good day. I just tried to take in as much information as I could from the coaches. I know I can play football; I just have to get the information in.

ITV: What about the difference in high school and college?

Gay: Just the tempo going from one place to another and reps just constantly coming. Being on the green team I have to go in and do it right the first couple of times because I am not going to get that many reps right now.

ITV: Have you had the chance to learn the defense and the schemes?

Gay: Yeah, we had meetings today and yesterday plus in the summer I was in the book and videos learning the schemes.

In addition to the likely possibility of Gay seeing plenty of action this season, another true freshman that appears headed for action this year is running back Kolby Smith.

Kolby Smith (ITV)
ITV: Was your first day of practice what you expected?

Smith: This is what I expected really. The game is much faster than it is in high school, but I think I'll adapt to the tempo.

ITV: So, how do you think you did on your first day?

Smith: As I see it, I made a couple mistakes today, but as camp goes along I learn from those and just keep getting better.

ITV: Coach Petrino has often mentioned you as one of the true freshman that could see action this season.

Smith: I'm just glad that he has that much confidence in me. That makes me want to work even harder in practice.

ITV: Have you set any goals for yourself that you'd like to accomplish your freshman season?

Smith: I just want to help out the team anyway that I can. I can't really put myself in front of the team. I just need to adapt to my new surroundings and do as much as I can do.

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