Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson showed off his arm and his improvement since last season in 73-7 spring game victory

University of Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson showed off his arm and his improvement since last season in 73-7 spring game victory. He was 24 of 29 for 519 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Sure, it was only a spring game.

But Lamar Jackson was might impressive for the University of Louisville football team.

And it wasn't the video game-like numbers that he put up, rather the way he did it and a few signs of maturity he showed in the process of picking apart the second-team defense in a 73-7 win for the Red team.

"He's matured a lot, he's grown a lot and I think that was obvious," U of L quarterbacks coach Nick Petrino said.

Perhaps the play that showed that most wasn't one of Jackson's eight touchdowns. Nope, it was an incompletion.

Jackson dropped back in the first quarter, didn't get antsy in the pocket and let his play down the field pan out. Jackson made the correct read and found the right guy - James Quick open 15 yards down the field on the sidelines.

But when he released the ball, Jackson immediately turned Bobby Petrino's way and said "my fault." The apology came before the pass sailed too high and over the head of Quick, out of bounds.

"That's what we want," Nick Petrino said. "We want him to realized his mistake and learn from it."

Added Bobby Petrino: "I liked his decision making. I wanted to make sure I got off the field. Most of the time in the spring game, I like to be on the field. I wanted to get off the field and let him handle everything out there.

"He was going through his progression and doing what we thought he was going to do."

Jackson said he feels like he has "come a long way" since the end of the season, noting once again he made huge strides during the bowl preparation practices in December.

"Coach is always in your ear, even if he's on the sidelines," Jackson said. "He's been staying on top of me all spring about being on my throws and I think that's what it's been. It's made me better."

And Jackson said he "for sure" knows when he makes a mistake now, noting "that's what I needed to do."

"I still have a long way to go," he said.

But for Louisville fans that has to be music to the ears. Jackson showed major improvement throwing the ball and the numbers were ridiculous in the spring game, completing 24 of 29 for 519 yards and eight TDs.

Three of the TD passes were at least 54 yards and seven went to different receivers.

Jackson only ran six times because the Cardinals' didn't allow any hitting all spring on the quarterback, but his game showed he can throw the football this fall.

"A few of those (long passes) weren’t really designed to go that deep," Bobby Petrino said. "A couple of them we were a little bit late on. But it did show that he can snap his wrist and throw it that deep."

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