Fall Camp:  Wade Tydlacka

"> Fall Camp:  Wade Tydlacka


Fall Camp: Coach Petrino

<b>Fall Camp</b> -- Coach Petrino spoke with ITV about a wide array of subjects ranging from the quarterback cmpetition to likely freshmen contributors following Sunday evenings practice. <p> <body> <p><b><a href="http://louisville.theinsiders.com/2/167036.html">Fall Camp:&nbsp; Wade Tydlacka</a></b></p> </body>

Q: After two days with the shoulder pads on, how do you feel the team is coming along?

Petrino:  Well it's been fun....I think the players are very eager to be in contact and they'll look forward to tomorrow.  I think we're getting better.  I think our offense is coming along and getting better and the defense is still running to the ball.  I think the quarterbacks are starting to feel a little more familiar with everything we're doing.  So today was a pretty positive practice.

Coach Petrino (ITV)

Q:  How do you assess the quarterback position?

Petrino:  I think Stefan is in the lead.  He knows more about what we're doing, has a better feel for what the defense is doing and he's been putting the ball where we want it....He's making the right decisions.  So really when you judge a quarterback you base it on decision making and then the ability to execute the play...so that's how we grade them.

Q: How would judge Michael Bush based on that criteria?

Petrino:  Michael's gotten better every practice out here.  Right now, his decision making is a little hard because he's not sure of what we're doing.  There are sometimes I watch him drop back and I think he might not really understand what his progression is....he's just trying to find somebody to throw it to..So I think as his ability to understand the plays and really the concepts of what we're trying to do offensively...he'll be more comfortable.

Q: How's the defense coming along?

Petrino:  The defense is coming along.  I think our front is getting better and the coaches are doing a real good job of taking care of the young secondary with the different looks that they're given.  I'm very happy with their progress.

Q:  What freshman have impressed you to this point and might contribute this season?

Petrino:  Well, I think Brandon Sharp has done a real nice job and we'll count on playing.  Kolby Smith at running back.

Q: How does Kolby fit into the plans at running back considering the amount of talent and experience at that position?

Petrino: We're looking at how to use him..maybe a little bit at the fullback spot...a little bit on third down.  He's really a good receiver.  He's got great hands and really good hips and he's really good at [making quick cuts]....We had a young man at Auburn last year named Trey Smith, so we think of him in maybe that same type of a spot.....halfway between a receiver and a fullback is really what he's kinda doing and let him carry it every now and then.

Q:  What's Chad Jorgensen status?

Petrino:  Chad is back.  He had to make sure that he took care of his business as far as finals went and got all that done and he's back out here.  But now if he's ruled he has to go five days of acclimation period.  So he'll have to practice two days with only helmet, two with shoulder pads before he can get going.

Q: What are you looking for when the pads go on Monday?

Petrino: Probably a lot of excitement.  I think they'll be ready to get in full pads and come out.  We've just got to make sure we practice smart.  We can't afford to get many hurt and so far we've been good with few injuries.




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