Fall Camp: Michael Bush

<b>Fall Camp</b> -- Following his first practice in full pads as a Louisville Cardinal, quarterback Michael Bush spoke to ITV about the experience and his first five days of fall camp.

Michael Bush continues impressive play

Michael Bush is without question one of the most talented players to put on a Cardinal uniform in recent history.  He works hard each day and has shown solid improvement each and every time out since fall camp began last week.  Bush appears to be getting more comfortable with Coach Petrino's offensive system and with his corp of receivers each practice and his passing ability continue to impress fans and media members in attendance.

On Monday, the Cards and Bush put on full pads for the first time and the left handed quarterback from Louisville Male High School had perhaps his best day of fall camp.  Bush was on target the entire practice, hitting receivers all over the field.  He was impressive throwing the deep routes, often hitting receivers in stride 30 and 40 yards down field.  He also shows the ability to throw the ball on a rope and made an impressive 30 yard completion over the middle of the field during scrimmage action.

Following his first practice in pads as a Cardinal, Michael Bush spoke with ITV about the experience.

Q:  How was the first day with pads?

Bush:  It's been like the rest of the days except I'm not getting hit really...it's a little tough picking your legs up because you've got the pads on but everything is still going smooth right now.

Q:  Are you getting more comfortable with the system?

Bush fires one to the wide receiver (ITV)

Bush: I'm starting to get comfortable now and know the plays a little bit better and we're going over certain plays every day so I'm getting the timing and rhythm down with the receivers and I just know the plays real good right now.

Q: What are you focused on to improve?

Bush:  Play actions and, believe it or not, the steps to hand the ball of to the running backs..it's kind of tough.

Q:  Dropping back from center is something new as you played mostly out of the shotgun in high school.  How's that adjustment going?

Bush:  That is what coach and I are working on a little bit...coming out faster.  They [coaches] want me to get out a little faster but three step and five step drops are getting better each practice.

Q: How do you feel about the offensive line and the receivers you're throwing the ball to each day?

Bush:  I feel real good about the offensive line.  They give me enough time time to find the receivers and the wide outs run good routes and have great hands, so I like that.

Q: What are you seeing from the defense and how are you adjusting to all the different looks?

Bush:  Now it's on the pick ups...what kind of defensive zones and man and cover two and cover eight, so I'm getting a good understanding about picking where to look for my reads and stuff like that.

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