Coach Petrino talks about Wednesday's scrimmage

<b>FALL CAMP</b> -- Following Wednesday mornings scrimmage, Coach Petrino spoke with ITV about his impressions of the action.

Coach Petrino gives his first impressions of scrimmage

Q: What are your impressions of the first scrimmage?

Petrino:  I think we've got a lot to clean up.  We made a lot of mistakes and assignment errors.  We had a few more penalties than I wanted to have but for the most part I thought the kids played hard and gave a lot of effort.  Of course we're not doing everything we're going to do but we put a lot I guess you expect some mistakes.

Q:  How did you feel about the play of your quarterbacks?

Petrino:  I have to really watch the video to see.  Playing that many guys and the thirds come in you kind of lose sight of how much momentum a kid really had going for him.  A lot of quarterbacking is momentum.  So we'll just have to watch the video and see.  First impressions are Stefan moved the team.  Rascati did a pretty good job.  I thought for the most part he was doing what he was coached to do.  And you saw that Michael has the arm strength to throw it deep.  So that would be my first impressions I guess.

Renardo Foster (ITV)

Q:  It looks like Renardo Foster has moved ahead of Jason Hilliard at offensive tackle.

Petrino:  He did.  Renardo Foster I think is going to be a great player.  He's worked hard and actually just doing a better job.

Q:  How many true freshman do you anticipate playing this season?

Petrino:  We're going to play somewhere between six and nine right now.  We're going to need the depth with them but also they're going to increase the [numbers] in the class above them.  There's only nine guys in that class and we can't have a recruiting year where we can only recruit nine players.  So we got to get it up to about 18-20 in that class.  Two years from now we'll probably have to add a junior college player or two.

Q:  How do you fell about the depth in the backfield?

Petrino: Yeah, I like our backfield with Eric Shelton there and all the physicalness he can run with.  Lionel Gates didn't have his best day.  I've seen him run better than that and make better cuts.  But T.J. Patterson is a guy that's real solid and I think does a real good job on third downs....Kolby Smith is going to be a real special player here someday.  I think he's real good and he'll be one of those we plan on playing.

Q: Robert McCune and Bobby Leffew didn't play today.  What is their status?

Petrino: Robert has a stomach virus and he was up at three o'clock in the morning.  We took him down to the emergency room this morning but he's fine.  All reports are that it's nothing big.  And Bobby has been out now since the second practice.  But he should be back in a day or two.

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