Five storylines to look for as the University of Louisville basketball staff hits the road for the second evaluation period of the month

Cardinal Authority gives you five storylines to watch for this week as the University of Louisville basketball staff hits the road for evaluations. The NCAA allows coaches three evaluation periods over a three-week span, the second of which will begin on Wednesday at 5 o'clock and end on Sunday at 5 p.m.

It's week two of the summer evaluation periods for college basketball coaches.

And expect to see much of the same as last week.

By now, the University of Louisville coaching staff has locked in on about seven prospects while also evaluating younger kids and making sure there's no other new names to add to the big board.

But for the most part, it's sit on the top targets.

Here are five storylines to watch for this week:

1. More Malik? We know Makai Ashton-Langford is the top guard target and Brandon Randolph and Alex O'Connell are tops in the two-guard list, but it was Malik Williams that coach Pitino went to see first last week. And it was Williams, who was the only recruit in Philadelphia, that the staff didn't miss a game. So, expect much of the same with him playing in Cartersville, Ga., this week. I'd be surprised if there's a game of Williams' this summer that is not attended by a Louisville coach.

2. Where's coach P? Rick Pitino had his first look at the adidas and Nike kids last week and is expected to spend a good bit of time this week at the Under Armour event in Cartersville, Ga. But I would think he'll also try to get to Augusta, Ga., to see Makai Ashton-Langford. I believe he's going to be off the road a couple of days this week. Remember, he still had a few days off the road under the self-imposed sanctions. Expect to see him not out the entire time this week. Am told he will attend Brian Jurich's wedding on Friday!

3. Any more new names? I'd doubt there is any more 2017 new names added to the list; the staff will see Victor Uyaelunmo a few times and he's a newer name, while Alex O'Connell and Lance Thomas will be watched in the D.C.-area. I doubt there will be any new '17 names but I do expect a new name for a younger kid, will report on it when it happens but could be an off-the-beaten-path trip for coach P to see a young kid when he's returning from the wedding. Again, will keep you posted.

4. Closer to a commitment? The Cardinals could get closer to a commitment after this week, but I still believe it will be a while before they get the first in this group. Many of these guys want to make visits in August before making a decision. But you could hear some more chatter about targets they are closing in on this week - like Makai Ashton-Langford and O'Connell.

5. Any local love? Don't be shocked to hear the Cardinals evaluate Pedro Bradshaw or Taveion Hollingsworth this week. Neither played in an event that the staff attended last week but could get a look this week. One in-state name for sure on the board is Louisville Magic '19 PG David Johnson of Trinity. He was MVP of a tournament last week and is making a fast name for himself. Also, look for the Cardinals to get involved in Hoosier '18 star Robin Duncan, a big-time shooter from Evansville.

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