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Bush & Minkins talk about their progress

ITV caught up with Michael Bush and Josh Minkins and talked about their individual and unit progression as they begin to focus on the season opener. <P> <B>EXTRA:</B> <a href=""><B>Saturday's Scrimmage Results</B></a>

Since the start of fall camp a number of players have made vast improvements, with one being freshman quarterback Michael Bush. Bush has improved his accuracy, his pocket presence and timing as he competes for the starting quarterback position.

ITV: As the team begins focusing on the season opener how do you feel you have done this far?

Bush: I feel like I have come along way with the offense and I am getting things down, especially the basics.

ITV: Are you confident that you can challenge for the starting quarterback position?

Bush: Yes I am. I'm feeling more comfortable everyday, but I'm still learning.

ITV: Over the summer all of the quarterbacks spent a lot of time working together. Now that you all are in battle for the starting job, how is the chemistry among you guys?

Bush: It's always been a competition, but we don't take that off the field. Even though we are all competing for the same job we still have fun off the field together.

ITV: Now that you have been hit a few times on the college level what are your thoughts?

Bush: The guys are definately stronger. It might only take one guy to take me down now, so it's been tough getting used to it.

ITV: What do you hope to accomplish over the first few games?

Bush: I just want to help the team win and go out and play hard whenever I can.

Senior cornerback Josh Minkins has shown signs of greatness over the past few seasons and is expected to be the leader of the secondary this fall. After recording 58 tackles, as well as two interceptions in 2002, fans can expect to see Minkins improve of his numbers from a year ago.

ITV: As you guys start to focus on the season opener how do you feel the secondary has come along so far?

Minkins: We're making it. Everybody is picking it up well. We've only got a couple weeks left until the season starts, so we really need to focus on taking care of business.

ITV: The last couple of days of practice have been the hottest yet, how are you guys responding to it?

Minkins: Everybody's got to take care of themselves and keep fluids going. We just need to keep focused and come out ready to play no matter what it's like.

ITV: As a senior, a lot of leadership, especially in the secondary, will come from you. How do you feel the younger guys are coming along?

Minkins: They are making it and doing a real good job of learning what needs to be done out there. They get better each day out here.

ITV: Antoine Harris has looked pretty good since he moved from receiver to defensive back.

Minkins: He's getting better too. It's a different position for him so it's going to take time for him, but I think by the time we play Kentucky he'll be ready to go.

ITV: Talk about the other guys back there with you.

Minkins: Brent Johnson and Kerry Rhodes are looking real good too. It's our time to go out there and do our thing and help the team win.

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