LeFors comments on the announcement"> LeFors comments on the announcement">

No surprise: LeFors named starter

Head Coach Bobby Petrino comments on his naming of Stefan LeFors as this season's starting quarterback. <P> <a href="http://louisville.theinsiders.com/2/169034.html"><B>LeFors comments on the announcement</B></a>

The extra effort working out in the weight room and on the practice fields, as well as studying the offensive playbook, during the summer has helped junior quarterback Stefan LeFors win the starting quarterback position.

ITV was on hand following Sunday's practice when Head Coach Bobby Petrino made the announcement and will soon have complete comments from Coach Petrino and LeFors.

Q: First, tell us who your starting quarterback is.

Petrino: Well, Stefan LeFors is going to be our starting quarterback. I just felt most comfortable with him. I think he knows the offense better and he's doing what we are coaching him to do. He does a really good job of getting the ball out of his hands on time and I like his accuracy.

Bobby Petrino names his starter
Justin Rascati has come along way and had improved tremendously in the last week. I thought for the first part of two a days that he wasn't quite there, but he had a good scrimmage yesterday.

Michael Bush is showing all of his talent and all of his ability. He throws the ball deep down the field and makes some good moves in the pocket, but I just don't think he feels comfortable enough with all the things that we are asking him to do. He'll continue to work and it and he'll continue to get better.

Stefan will now take most of the reps with the one's and then Michael and Justin will take the rest of the reps.

Q: What does Stefan add to the offense other than his ability to throw the ball?

Petrino: He does a real nice job with the quickness of his release. I think he handles the blitz really well and can get the ball out quick. He has a good understanding of our protection and what we asking him to do there. He is also very mobile. He moves around, he scrambles, he's good on naked bootlegs and those type of things. It'll be fun to watch him when it's live.

Q: Do you entertain the idea of playing Bush somewhere else?

Petrino: No, not at this time. Michael wants to be the quarterback and he's really improved in 16 or 17 practices so far. We've thrown a lot at him and he's just about got the whole offense in and I think he is starting to feel comfortable with certain parts of it and then other parts that are unfamiliar to him he's struggling with.

Q: Do you anticipate giving Rascati or Bush game action at quarterback as well?

Petrino: That's not how I like to play it. I like to play one quarterback and hopes that he does everything that we ask him to do. Hopefully if we ever get ahead of some teams this year we can put the other guys in.

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