Louisville held a pair of practices on the first day of fall camp

Louisville held a pair of practices on the first day of fall camp

University of Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino and his staff conducted a pair of practices on Wednesday, the first day of fall camp for the Cardinals.  A newcomers group, consisting primarily of freshmen and underclassmen, worked in the morning, with the majority of the returning players practicing in the late afternoon.

Petrino visited with the media following the second session to review the first day out.

Check out the player above his entire comments.


Newcomers Impress

While it takes newcomers some time to adjust to the speed and demands of the college game, the group did leave a positive impression with the head coach. 

"It is a talented group.  There some good size there, good length, speed, so I was encouraged by what I saw out there.  They made a lot of mistakes which is expected."

The ability to keep up with the tempo will come with time.

"They've got a long way to go to get used to the tempo that we like to practice at, but [Thursday] will be better and then one more day and then they get to see the real thing, the way we really work."


Petrino described the veterans first day on the practice fields as a "typical first day," but did express his disappointment with the amount of players suffering from cramps.

"We had a few guys that cramped up, which is disappointing to me because I feel like that shouldn't happen with the way we worked this summer," he said, explaining that the culprit is typically from a missed meal or not enough fluids throughout the day.

Lamar's First Day

Sophomore quarterback Lamar Jackson had what Petrino described as an "up and down" day.

Jackson struggled at times with his throws, with some going high on him.  First day struggles for quarterbacks is often common as they shake of 'rust' of the off-season, but he did display improvement in his understanding and decisions.

"I was a little disappointed in a few throws, but his reads and his decision-making were good," Petrino said.  "He just wasn't as accurate as he was during the middle of spring, but that will come."

Pass a Quick Study

Jawon Pass was the first scholarship quarterback to get some work in on Wednesday.  The true freshman proved to have an excellent arm and has the cherished trait of being able to learn and adjust quickly to coaching.

"I thought he did some real good things," said Petrino.  "He's real smart.  He picks things up real quick.  He needs to get his feet in the right position at times.  He's got a quick release, but I didn't think he spun the ball as well as he will, but he can deliver it quickly.  He's got the arm strength to make all the throws.  He's a natural leader.  He steps right in the huddle and takes charge, so there's a lot of really good things and I think he'll throw the ball better as we get going."

Photo Gallery

Here's a pair of photo galleries from the two day one practices:

* Newcomers Session - link
* Veterans Session - link


The Cardinals will practice on Thursday at 8:50 a.m. with the rookies taking the field first before the veterans hit the field at 4:20 p.m.

The first open practice date for the public is Friday.  Fans are able to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions. Click here for more information.


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