Louisville sophomore offensive tackle Geron Christian started every game as a true freshman; now he's ready to take the next step for Cards

University of Louisville sophomore offensive tackle Geron Christian started every game as a true freshman. Christian met with the media and talks about taking the next step in his career for the Cardinals.

University of Louisville sophomore offensive tackle Geron Christian wasn't your normal true freshman last season. Christian came into the program with some expectations but was quickly pushed into the front of the offensive line room.

By the second week of fall camp, Christian was penciled in as a starter.

The native of Ocala, Fla., ended up starting every game for the Cardinals on the offensive line and going into his sophomore season is one of the key players for the U of L offense.

"Looking back in last year, I still kind of laugh on how far I have come," Christian said. "I pretty much got away with doing it on ability. I didn't know as much and just had to learn on the run."

U of L coach Bobby Petrino said he could only remember a handful of true freshmen starting for him during his career, noting it "is much harder for an offensive lineman to come in and pick up the system."

Petrino at ACC Kickoff called Christian a "very special player."

But Christian, whose brother Gerald played for the Cardinals in 2013-14, said he - along with his teammates on the line - have a long way to go to get to be the offense they want on the field.

"We came a long way just knowing each other, being able to play together," he said. "Terminology and out there making calls, talking to each other, knowing what's coming and knowing the blitzes. Since we are together every day learning, we are learning together so when we talk out on the field or in general, everything just makes more sense and we know what we are doing."

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