ITV Gallery: Is it real, or is it FieldTurf?"> ITV Gallery: Is it real, or is it FieldTurf?">

Coach Petrino updates ITV

Head Coach Bobby Petrino talked with ITV following Wednesday's late afternoon practice and updated us on the progression of the team, Bobby Leffew and more. <P> <B>EXTRA:</B> <a href=""><B>ITV Gallery: Is it real, or is it FieldTurf?</B></a>

ITV: Since practices are now closed and without divulging anything, how would describe the recent practices?

Petrino: Well, our game plan is starting to develop. We still have a long way to go, we are making some mistakes, but I think the players are pretty much focused in with what we have to do. This is our second week of two a days, so the guys are little bit sore right now and our speed isn't where it needs to be as far as being where it needs to be to practice and to play, but that'll come back once we cut it back. They'll get their legs back and we'll have the speed that we need.

ITV: How is the defense progressing?

Petrino: I think they're getting better, I really do. I think our secondary feels comfortable with what Coach Gillhamer is asking them to do and our defensive front continues to improve. Tyrone Saterfield is doing a good job and Bobby Leffew is back out there. It's nice to have him back, because he provides a lot of experience and a lot of leadership for that group. It's been real pleasant to see him out there, but we've been limiting how many reps he takes, but when he is there he has been able to go full speed.

ITV: Now that you have a starter at quarterback how is the team responding to him?

Petrino: They are reacting fine. I don't think it was ever a surprise as who the starter would be to anybody on the team. Stefan LeFors has been doing a good job since spring. I guess he did a great job in the summer when they organized all the throwing. Most comments are coming from the defensive players, so that's good to hear.

ITV: Have you seen the new field today?

Petrino: Yeah, it looks good. Hopefully we'll be able to get out there. We need to Saturday night so we can use the phones as just kind of have a walk through type game situation.

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