Louisville's defense is trying to stay focused on Florida State; the Cardinals play the Seminoles in a top-10 matchup on Saturday at noon

Louisville will meet Florida State in a top-10 matchup on Saturday at noon. The Louisville defense talks about finishing this game against the Seminoles. The Cardinals have led at halftime two years in a row.

The University of Louisville football team led at halftime each of the past two seasons against Florida State.

The Cardinals opened a 21-0 lead in the second quarter two years ago and last season held a 7-6 lead over the Seminoles at halftime of the game in Tallahassee, Fla.

But the second half was a different story.

The Cardinals gave up some big plays in both of the games in the second half. Jameis Winston threw three touchdown passes and Dalvin Cook had two long runs two years ago, while the Seminoles scored three times in the third quarter last season.

"I feel like we were that close to winning it the year before we were up at half time," U of L safety Josh Harvey-Clemons said. "Last year we were up at half time, so it’s really just about us finishing the whole game, and playing the second half just how we came out in the first half."

The Cardinals are expecting a different story to play out this season.

In a top-10 matchup on Saturday at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, the Cardinals are hoping to fly to the ball, wrap up and remain focused on trying to pull out a victory.

“It’s very hard because you know it’s the first time that College GameDay is here and the city is really excited about it, and the school is really excited about it,” Harvey-Clemons said.  "But we just have to stay focused."

U of L defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said the Seminoles have a "very good offense" again this season.

"First of all, Jimbo (Fisher) does a great job with the offense,” Grantham said. “They actually run plays that are well designed and are really effective on offense. If you look at their offensive line, I think the offensive line coach does a great job and their a physical up front, they really want to run the ball. They have outstanding skill outside at the wide-out position."

Cook is the player Grantham said was "one of the best, if not the best" in the nation and the Cardinals will have to keep an eye on. He ran for 163 yards and a 54-yard TD last season against the Cardinals.

"We’ve got to not let him get cutback lanes," defensive tackle DeAngelo Brown said. “We’ve got to make sure we are all doing our job, executing our assignments, and we just can’t let him get that cutback lane."

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