Coach Mike Summers talks about the offensive line

The Louisville offensive line has been a focal point for Cardinal fans has been the development of the offensive line. Mike Summers, the Louisville offensive line coach, recently discussed the offensive front with ITV.

Louisville offensive line coach Mike Summers recently visited with ITV's Mike Hughes and discussed the progression of this year's offensive front.

Q: How's the O-Line coming along during fall camp?

Summers:  We're making some progress.  We've got a lot left to do.  We've got some concerns in our depth and we've got some good young players that need to develop more so they can be consistent players for us.

Q: Jerry Spencer looks like he's stepping up and providing leadership for your group.  How do you feel about the leadership provided from the veterans on the line?

Summers: Right, he's a senior along with Hilliard and Koons and so those guys are confident to be leaders and we need them to be better leaders.  This football team needs leaders in the offensive line and so those three guys, Jerry included need to rise to that leadership role but we're not there yet.

Q: What do spend the most time in practice trying to get these guys better at?

Summers:  We're not very technically sound and we need to continue to work on our technique.

Q: How do you get the linemen more technically sound?  Is it just a matter of repetition?

Summers: It's repetition, it's some new learning for them.  We're trying to break bad habits and that takes time.

Q:  How do you feel about your freshman group?

Summers:  I'm very excited about the young kids that we've got.  I see good things in all of those guys.  The new rules make it really difficult for them because we haven't had time to teach them.

Q:  How do you overcome those new rules?

Summers: We've been coming out early before practice starts and working on our techniques and fundamentals.  The last three days we've been staying out after practice and going through our scripts again that they didn't get to do when the varsity was on the field so we can slow the pace down and teach but it's still very difficult.  It's a lot of information for them to have to grasp in a short amount of time.

Q: The fans always mention Renardo Foster and Kurt Quarterman because of their size.

Summers:  They may be the two biggest humans on the face of the earth and they are great young offensive line candidates.  They will be prospects.  They will be good players some day.

Q:  What excites you the most about those two, Foster and Quarterman?

Summers:  Their obvious strength is their size and their athletic ability that goes along with their size.  Renardo Foster is an amazing athlete, to be 6'6,6'7, 305 pounds and run a 4.74 forty is almost unheard of.  Playing the position that we've got them at is new and the development has been slow but I see progress.

Q: There's been some moving around of lineman.  For instance, Michael Sturgeon was moved from center to tackle.  Talk a little about that process.

Summers: Well, we're just trying to find places for everybody.  We want to use our talent the best way we can to fill not only our holes and our depth but also to find places where they fit and can maximize their ability.  So we'll try players in several different places and see if we can find a good spot for them.

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