It's game week for Louisville vs. Clemson and we take a look at the key matchup for the Cardinals

It's game week for Louisville vs. Clemson and we take a look at the key matchup for the Cardinals. The two teams will battle in Clemson, S.C., in a meeting of top-five opponents in Clemson, S.C., at 8 o'clock.

University of Louisville football coach Bobby Petrino has the highest scoring offense in the country after four games. But if the Cardinals are going to continue to put up points, Petrino knows there's a big key this weekend against Clemson.

The Cardinals will play at Clemson on Saturday night and Petrino says the key if U of L controlling the line of scrimmage on offense. But that will be a bigger challenge than is has been in the first four games.

Louisville is averaging over 300 yards on the ground but the Cardinals' offense will be tested by a defensive front seven that is allowing just an average of 92.8 yards per game and a little over 11.0 points per game.

"Well, they're big and physical," Petrino said. "You know they really do a nice job technically. They're very, very well coached. They have a lot of movement so we're going to have to block movement with guys that are very big and physical.

It's probably be the biggest defensive line that we've played this year. They play with bigger defensive ends than what we've been seeing. A lot of guys went to more speed and quickness, and they went to more size and set the edge by the size that they have."

U of L offensive line coach Chris Klenakis echoed the sentiments from Petrino about the line of scrimmage being the key noting the offensive line "has to keep getting better and better," for the Cardinals.

The Cardinals offensive line might have struggled with the test this time last season, but with seniors Khalil Hunter, Kiola Mahoni having moved into the lineup and sophomores Lukayus McNeil and Geron Christian playing at a high level, the line has been solid.

"Our goal is to get better every day," Klenakis said. "Continue to get better fundamentally, technically and to continue to execute better. If you don't stay focused that way than you won't improve."

Petrino said the Cardinals must get better this week for the Tigers.

"They have big guys and are just so physical up front," Petrino said. "We have to make sure we do a good job blocking their front and we need to take our shots and throw the ball down the field."

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