Louisville President Neville Pinto and athletic director Tom Jurich react to the Notice of Allegations; stand behind coach Rick Pitino

The University of Louisville held a news conference to react to the NCAA's Notice of Allegations that said four Level One violations were found in the men's basketball program. Here's a recap and video from the press conference:

The University of Louisville released the NCAA's Notice of Allegations regarding the investigation into the men's basketball program on Thursday morning with the NCAA saying four Level One violations were present.

A few hours later, Louisville's higher ups responded to the NOA.

Interim President Dr. Neville Pinto, athletic director Tom Jurich, basketball coach Rick Pitino, investigator Chuck Smrt and outside legal counsel Steve Thompson met with the media and answered questions in Grawemeyer Hall.

Pinto gave the opening statement from the Louisville side of things, noting the university gave the NCAA "every document they asked for."

"It is important for the truth to be known and for us to deal responsibly with the results," Pinto said. "This disturbing behavior is certainly not reflective of the core values of our institution."

The school made the notice of allegations public on Thursday morning and the NCAA has hit the Cardinals' program with four Level One violations - the most serious in nature. Two of the violations were against former staffer Andre McGee and one was against head coach Rick Pitino for failure to demonstrate that he monitored McGee. The notice does not say Pitino had any knowledge of the violations.

While there are four violations, Louisville's program wasn't charged with the most severe allegation - lack of institutional control of failure to monitor. In a statement, the school said it would dispute the charge against Pitino.

Pinto and Jurich both backed Pitino and said they would defend him in the alleged violation he's named in.


In his opening statement, Pitino said he believes in the Hall of Fame coach and was "confident in coach Pitino and I know he is and has always been" compliant with NCAA rules. Jurich also said he feels like Pitino had no knowledge of the incidents.

"We've scoured it," Jurich said. "And there is no question in my mind that he couldn't have known anything about this.

"So we will dispute that all the way through."

Added Jurich later: "I've asked myself the question a lot. And I've come to the conclusion that (Pitino) could not have known. This activity was clearly kept from him."

McGee has not spoken with anyone at the university and wouldn't speak to the NCAA for the investigation. Thompson said McGee was advised by his legal counsel not to speak on the matter.

The new name in the Notice of Allegations was former program assistant Brandon Williams, who was with the team last season and is now a high school coach in Florida. Williams received a level one violation for not cooperating with the NCAA.

Thompson said Williams was not on the staff with McGee and his involvement didn't have anything to do with the McGee violations. The violation appears to center around Williams not turning over his cell phone when requested by the NCAA.


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