Louisville sophomore Donovan Mitchell said the Cardinals have moved on from last season; focused on playing basketball and winning games

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - University of Louisville sophomore Donovan Mitchell and junior Quentin Snider said the Cardinals as a team have moved on from last year's disappointing end of the season. The Cardinals are focused on writing a new chapter this season.

Louisville sophomore guard Donovan Mitchell has already been asked a number of times at ACC Media Day on Wednesday about the NCAA investigation and the ending to last season when the Cardinals had a self-imposed ban.

And Mitchell has answered all the questions.

"It was tough on us for sure," Mitchell said. "When we found out we couldn't make it in the tournament it was hard. But that's the thing about this group is that really motivated us. We are really hungry now.

"We are glad that is all behind us and we are focused on just basketball."

Added junior point guard Quentin Snider: "We don't even talk about it."

But one thing they do talk about is all of the support the team has received from the Louisville fanbase, especially in the last eight months. Mitchell said he's constantly reminded that "we have the best fans out there."

"The fans have been very supportive and we thank them for that," Snider said. "They've helped us through all of this."

Now, it's time to give back to the fans.

"Oh yeah," Mitchell said. "I kind of look at it like a kid that didn't get their birthday present one year and then next year they really want that birthday present. And that's a test of how great our fans are. A lot of fans would have been like, 'Oh man, they didn't go to the tournament' and would leave us. But everywhere I go . . . . there's just so much support."

Mitchell said he hopes there's a time he can deliver the fans a present this season:

"When we get to Phoenix," Mitchell said, referring to the site of the Final Four.

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