Louisville co-offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway met with media following Tuesday's practice

While not a glaring issue in each game, the problem of dropped passes surfaced again in Louisville's win at Virginia

While it hasn't been a problem that has plagued the team in all eight games this season, dropped passes has been an occasional thorn for the Louisville offense.  The wide margin in the Cardinals 62-28 thumping of Syracuse in week two helped mask the double-digit drops suffered in that contest, but it was plenty enough to grab the coaching staff's attention.

There was an increase in awareness and the pass-catching drills that the receivers participate in during each practice was discussed publicly by head coach Bobby Petrino and co-offensive coordinator/receivers coach Lonnie Galloway.

Receivers are supposed to look the football all the way through the catch and call out whether they see words or nothing on the ball when they tuck.  The staff calls it 'words and blanks,' and its purpose to train players to completely secure the ball immediately after the catch. 

Dropped passes again became an obvious concern during the early stages of Louisville's win at Virginia and could be credited with first half offensive struggles. 

"We catch balls everyday," Galloway said following the team's practice on Tuesday.

"It boils down to is seeing the ball all the way to the tuck," he continued, further explaining that there are times when the receiver needs to make more of an effort. 

"Lamar isn't going to put the ball where it needs to be all the time.  Sometimes we have to make him look good even though he makes us look good."

Galloway reiterated that the drops haven't become an issue due to the frequency, but more so when and why.

"It's when they're happening, wide open, and situations like that, which is bad."

On Saturday, senior James Quick dropped four passes, including three during the game's opening minutes that had caught would have likely resulted in points for the Cardinals.

"He knows I was disappointed," Galloway said.  "Those are plays that I've seen him play."

Quick's is currently second on the team with 32 receptions for 523 yards and four touchdowns.  His play has been crucial for the Cardinals to this point and Galloway expects him to continue to produce at a high level.

"Am I down on him? No, because we have a lot of games left and we're going to need him to play," he said. "Was I disappointed on Saturday? Yes.  Do I still love him? Yes. It's tough love and that's what football is."

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