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LeFors prepared to lead Cards

First year starter Stefan LeFors is prepared to lead the Cards into Commonwealth Stadium this weekend. LeFors spoke with ITV following Tuesday's practice. <P> <B>EXTRA:</B> <a href="">Notes & Quotes</a></b>&nbsp;<img src="">

LeFors ready to lead Cards

As the opening game of the Bob Petrino era nears, starting quarterback Stefan LeFors is prepared to lead the Cardinal offensive attack into hostile territory this weekend.

LeFors, who enjoyed a great spring earning top billing on the depth chart entering fall camp, has solidified his claim as the starter with his steady control behind center and calm understanding of Petrino's diverse and effective offensive schemes.

And with the first week of school now in session, rumors abound that the junior from Louisiana is enrolled in a class on how to beat in-state rival Kentucky.

"If they had one I'd definitely be the first one in the front row listening to the teacher for sure," LeFors said jokingly dispelling the myth of the how to class on defeating an arch-rival.

LeFors knows that the team that executes most effectively and capitalizes on the other teams mistakes will likely carry the Governors Cup home after the Battle of the Bluegrass.

LeFors prepared (ITV)

"We've got to execute our game plan," LeFors told ITV.  "There's going to be some mistakes on both sides of the's just the team that can take advantage of the other team's mistakes and whoever does that the best can come out and win."

LeFors acknowledges that he's having some pre-game butterflies but is also confident that once he steps on the field at Commonwealth Stadium those feelings will subside.

"The more I think about it the butterflies come into my stomach," LeFors said.  "But once I step on the game field I forget about all that and the nervousness leaves my head and the checks and the things I need to think about come into my head."


Having watched and learned from Houston Texan quarterback Dave Ragone the past three seasons has been invaluable for LeFors and he's talked recently with the former Cardinal quarterback about what to expect this Sunday.

"I talked to him a couple days ago and he just told me to do what I do, play smart and take what they give me," LeFors said.

Last season, the lack of an effective running game often applied pressure to Ragone and limited the offenses ability to consistently move the ball.  This season, however, LeFors is confident that his deep and talented backfield and improved offensive line will make an enormous difference in the success of the offense.

"We've got good running backs back there in Gates, Shelton and Patterson and some good fullbacks that can lead them up into that hole," LeFors said.  "And the offensive line is coming together everyday and I think that will help me a lot.  If we don't have a running game, they'll sit back there and tee off and come around the edges and drop everybody and that makes it harder on the running game holding them in takes a lot off me and we can hit them with some long shots later on in the game."

Always a cool customer, LeFors intends to lead the offensive unit with his calm demeanor on the field.

"I've got to be calm," LeFors explained.  "I can't be too anxious and look too nervous because they'll see that and pick that out and my teammates will become I need to keep my calm mood.  I'm usually a calm guy, I don't get overly excited and I don't get down on too many things, so I think that's important and they'll feed off of me...tune the crowd out and just play the game."

One other factor gives LeFors confidence heading into the big game...Head Coach Bob Petrino.

"Any game plan we have I'll be confident with because the coaches spend a lot of time with that," LeFors said.  "Both Coach Petrino's ....they're geniouses and they'll work on a game plan all night and I trust everything they say."

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