Brandon Gathof poised for big season

Having spoke with Oldham County's Brandon Gathof ealier this spring, ITV took advantage of an opportunity to see him play in his team's season opener against Louisville Male and his performance was more than impressive.

Oldham County High School's Brandon Gathof is poised to make his name common place among college recruiting coordinators this fall and with his performance against Louisville Male this past weekend he provided those in attendance a glimpse of his potential.

The Oldham County program lists Gathof's positions as linebacker and wide receiver, but simply by observing his team warm ups I realized that he wouldn't be limited to just those positions in the game against Male. As I looked for # 2 throughout the Oldham County players running drills I found Gathof loosing up with the quarterbacks. He'd take two steps back and fire the ball, with a perfect spiral and plenty of zip to a receiver 15 yards up field running an out pattern. After a few minutes of warming up his arm, Gathof took his turn on the opposite end of the pass and worked on his timing with the starting quarterback.

"I like playing different positions," explained the 6'3, 190-pound senior. "I feel like I can compete at any position on the field. Wherever coach needs me is where I'm going to play."

Compete he can.

Against one of the state's traditional powers, all Gathof did was account for 221 total yards, as well as three touchdowns. Gathof recorded 131 rushing, 90 receiving and 74 passing yards in the contest. He made his presence felt early when he went under center for the first time during Oldham County's first possession of the game. Following the snap, Gathof dropped back a few steps and then promptly tucked the ball away, hit the gap straight up the middle, broke a few tackles and then sprinted over 40 yards for the games first score.

Defensively, Gathof had few opportunities to shine as Male's offense rarely went his direction.

"When I played in the secondary last year teams wouldn't throw the ball to my side, so I tried to get a persuit angle and make myself part of the play," said Gathof following the game.

The same can be said while he lined up at linebacker against the Bulldogs. If Male was running a sweep it would be to the opposite side of the field nearly every attempt.

Being avoided by Male's offense didn't stop Gathof from showing his abilities completely though. Twice, as a Male running back was seemingly running free for a score, Gathof pursued him from the opposite side of the field to make a touchdown saving tackle.

Projected as a safety on the college level, Gathof has received interest from Louisville, as well as other area programs.

"They are still sending me stuff," he said of Louisville. "I am also getting letters from Kentucky, Cincinnati and West Virginia, but I don't have any offers yet."

With continued impressive play, coupled with his very good showing at Louisville's 7-on-7 camp earlier this spring, Gathof will assure himself of continued interest from the Cardinals coaching staff.

Oldham County Head Coach Mike Jackson, who first informed me Gathof's potential in April had a straight to the point comment regarding his star senior following the game. "If he can play like this against Male, then he can play for U of L!"

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