No. 11 Louisville fell 41-38 to Kentucky on Saturday afternoon

Post game comments from Bobby Petrino and select players following loss to Kentucky

Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino postgame comments:

(Opening statement)
You know sometimes in this game you find ways to win games and sometimes you find ways to lose games. I certainly feel like we found a way to lose that game. Give Kentucky credit they came out and played really good on offense and the quarterback threw the ball deep. We knew that coming in that he was a good deep ball thrower. We didn’t get our safety in the middle deep enough and make plays on the football. And then in the third quarter defensively we couldn’t get off the field. I don’t know how many plays we had in the third quarter, but I know it wasn’t very many. But with all of that, we’re moving the ball on offense, we’re in a position to score - twice - and we turn it over with an interception and a fumble. It’s really disappointing, it’s really hard .  Like I said, Kentucky did a good job on their offensive game plan, but we’ve got to be able to find a way to win that game and we didn’t do it.

(Talk about the range of emotions, going from being right outside the playoff to now having to rally after losing two games? How do you get the team back and focused?)
“Losing’s hard. There’s no question, losing is hard. It is part of this profession. It is part of this game and you have to learn how to handle it. You have to learn from it. I did feel like that we learned from the Houston game. I thought we came out and had a good attitude and good practices and today we just came up a little short.”

(After tying the game, how much of it was because of fatigue or breakdowns or errors?)
“Really, right then we said – ‘hey we can get one stop and get the ball back and go win the game.’ We got one stop, we got the ball back and we’re driving down to win the game. I think Lamar tried to do too much. We ran a similar play to what we ran earlier, and he handed the ball off and we ran in the end zone and he misread that one and didn’t take care of the ball the way he knows how to. And we ended up turning it over. But you felt good about where we were at, looking at the clock saying, ‘hey we can get a field goal… we can do anything we want here to win the game, but turn it over.’ That was the one thing we couldn’t do. And that’s what we did.”

(On how he would evaluate Lamar Jackson’s overall performance today)
“We’ve got to come in and watch the video and that’s how you evaluate it. Watch the video and see everything that’s going on out there.”

(On struggling to slow them down)
“No we knew they were going to run the Wildcat and we needed to tackle better and get a stop. We let them a couple of times get outside on the edge where a defensive end and outside linebacker is suppose to set the edge and he turn everything back in and he tried to come back in and go under, especially when we are on the minus one- that is just an assignment error. Then they threw the ball deep, we knew coming in that they were going to take their shots down the field with the first play of the game. We didn’t have our safety in the right position. We hung the corners out there all by themselves and there was no help in the middle. You are not going to win a lot of times if you do that. They executed and we didn’t.”

(On Lamar Jackson’s ball security)
“What he needed to do right there was hand the ball off and trust his teammates. Hand the ball of and let them make the play. That is exactly what his read told him to do. And then he just tried to do too much and turned the ball over.”

(Do you think Lamar is trying to stay in pocket too long)
“Really? That is a bad question right there. Lamar competes his butt off. He does everything he possible can to help us win. He has had an amazing season alright.  He has used all the talent that God gave him and that’s a bad job of questioning. Thank you.”

QB Lamar Jackson

(Can you take us from there and what happened down towards the end zone?)
“Well you know we were working. We saw we had them and pressuring them or whatever. We kept driving the ball, doing good. And then turnover.”

(Can you talk about the interception and the fumble?)
“The interception, that’s just me. I was just going through my reads. He wasn’t even open, I just tried to make a big play too fast. Interception. And the fumble, I thought I was down my legs hit the ground and it was a fumble.”

(How much of it was mistakes and how much was just trying too hard?)
“It was me just trying to make big plays. They weren’t mistakes, just trying to make big plays. Just trying to get out to a better position.”

(You’re the leader of the offense, what are you going to tell your teammates heading into bowl prep this month after you guys lose?)
“You know you can’t look at it. This loss was going to be hard, that’s our rival. Our season didn’t go out right but we have to make up for with our bowl preparations I’m just going to tell them, ‘move past it’.”

(Does it hurt that you have so long between your next game?)
“I’m not going to say that. It hurts that we lost. Like I said before we didn’t end our season right. I believe that’s me. I’m the leader and I had a turnover by myself I caused that was no one else’s fault. And we going to be back.”

(When you get the ball back, tied, with essentially one possession to go win it, what did you tell your teammates? What did that huddle sound like?)
“We didn’t really talk. Everyone was in game mode ready to clinch the game really. And we didn’t clinch the game.”

(Coach Petrino said that you should’ve handed the ball off and you didn’t go about your read that you were supposed to read, what was in your head on that?)
“Make plays. Trying to win the game. Trying so hard. Should’ve gave the ball like he said. That was me.”

(Do you feel more responsibility to take upon yourself?)
“Absolutely. There was no one else that had the ball but me. I fumbled, turnover, UK got the ball. That was me. Totally me. No one else’s fault.”

(Lamar, you hit the Heisman pose a couple times out there. Do you feel like you did enough?)
“I mean I just felt like it was a rivalry game.  It’s exciting. I was just trying to bring some excitement to the game. That’s all.”

(You guys didn’t finish the season as strong as you played it early on, any thoughts on what happened as the season went along?)
“I don’t really know. I just know that this game, it’s me. You know at the end, when it came down to it, that was me. It was no one else. That’s how I feel about the situation.”

(Lamar, how do kind of just reflect on the whole year as you guys were so, so high and you guys finished with two losses like that?)
“You never know what can happen. You know it’s Division-I football. Teams are out to win and when you are ranked, teams are out there to get you. It is going to always be that way. We just didn’t fulfill our season the way we wanted to, that’s all.”

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