Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson returned home and said his teammates gave him "everything but kisses"

Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson returned home and said his teammates gave him "everything but kisses." Jackson has practiced two times with his teammates since returning, preparing for the Citrus Bowl against LSU.

Lamar Jackson returned to the University of Louisville football complex on Tuesday afternoon.

It was a long weekend that included Jackson becoming the youngest Heisman Trophy winner in history. The sophomore quarterback answered numerous questions, signed autographs, took photos and was the center of attention.

So, it was easy to figure when he walked back into the Cardinals' locker room he was the focus again.

Jackson said he walked back into the locker room to high fives, hugs and cheers from his teammates: "Everything except kisses."

"They were all happy for me, just like they won the award, because they really did," he said. "They helped throughout the whole season, always believed in me. . . . This wasn't just for me, it's for my teammates and my coaches.

"We all deserve it, everyone who has been helping me throughout the grind."


Jackson's voice was about gone when he spoke to reporters after Wednesday nights practice, telling reporters he had "talked a lot" during the weekend. He also had his braces back on, noting "now I can get them all fixed all the way."

But for now, Jackson has busy to tend too. The Cardinals will play LSU on Dec. 31 in the Citrus Bowl.

"The last two days have been great," Jackson said. "We're back, we're ready."

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