Louisville coach Rick Pitino confirmed he did a 45-minute podcast with UK coach John Calipari and said he had "a lot of fun" with it

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino confirmed he did a 45-minute podcast with Kentucky coach John Calipari and said he had "a lot of fun doing it."

Rick Pitino and John Calipari on the same podcast?

Yes, it happened.

Pitino confirmed on Tuesday that Calipari sent him a text and asked him to be part of his new podcast and the two rival coaches spent 45 minutes on Monday taping the podcast.

"When he texted me and said he was doing a podcast with (Mike Krzyzewski) and Charles Barkley and having some fun with it and he'd like to have me do it, I just texted back, 'Sure'," Pitino said. "I immediately went to Jordan Sucher, who works with me, and said, 'What actually is a podcast? Do you go on TV? Do I have to dress up for this?'

"I'd heard it many, many times, but I didn't know what it was."

Pitino did it and said the two coaches had "a lot of fun" doing it.

"We talked about people we've crossed paths with that we're very fond of throughout the years," Pitino said. "We laughed a lot about it, going down through history a little bit. It was fun."

When he was asked about the relationship and rivalry between the two coaches, Pitino compared his relationship with Calipari to the relationship that rivals Roy Williams and North Carolina and Mike Krzyzewski of Duke have off the floor.

"I've never had a bad relationship with John," Pitino said. "I would say John and I, our relationship is just as good as Roy and Mike's. It's very cordial. It's very professional. The most important thing is we have respect for each other as coaches and we have respect for each other's programs in knowing how good they are."

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