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Lorenzo Ward begins first season as Cardinals secondary coach

Louisville secondary coach Lorenzo Ward met with media for the first time on Monday

Louisville's recently-hired secondary coach Lorenzo Ward has kept busy since becoming apart of the Cardinals staff a few weeks ago, with much of that time spent away from the Derby City and on the recruiting trail. 

That time away from his new home has allowed him to build relationships with the team's other defensive coaches and help the search for the type of player he prefers in the secondary.

"Aggressive hitters," said Ward.  "Guys that challenge people and the biggest thing is to be forgetful because if they can't be forgetful they aren't going to be a good perimeter player.  There's never been a DB that lined up that didn't get beat."

A former player at Alabama, Ward has 20 years of coaching experience, including defensive coordinator stints at South Carolina and Fresno State.  His time recruiting against and now for Louisville has helped him form an understanding of how strong the Cardinals brand has become.

"It's just like other ACC teams and SEC teams," he said.  "I told Coach Petrino when we were discussing this job.  I feel like if I walk in a school and I have the Louisville logo on that I can recruit against the Alabama's, the USC's, and there isn't a difference because that's where I think this program is."

Ward has been described as brash, a dictator of sorts when coaching his players.  After a couple of decades, which also includes a time at Virginia Tech, Arkansas and a year with the NFL's Oakland Raiders, Ward has chilled a bit.

"Probably a little bit more laid back now, but I've been a guy that's try to bring enthusiasm," he said.  "The game of football is tough enough, so we want to make it as fun and as joyful as we can."

At Louisville he'll work with Cort Dennison, who is entering his second season as a secondary assistant. 

"He's a very intelligent young man and he understands this profession," said Ward, adding that the specific coaching roles are still to be determined. "We'll see what we're both comfortable with and we'll go from there."

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