Cardinal Authority has a Q&A with 2018 women's basketball commitment Seygan Robins, who just led her team to Kentucky state title

Cardinal Authority has a Q&A with 2018 women's basketball commitment Seygan Robins, who just led her Mercer County High School team to Kentucky state title. Robins was named Sweet 16 MVP.

University of Louisville women’s basketball 2018 commit Seygan Robins led Mercer County High School to a state championship earlier this month. The combo guard scored 19 points and dished out seven assists in the title game.

Robins was named MVP of the Sweet 16 after Mercer County defeated Franklin County 85-71 at Northern Kentucky University’s BB&T Arena to claim the school’s first basketball title. The Lady Titans finished their championship season with a 31-6 record.

The 5-foot-10 Robins averaged 28.7 points during Mercer County’s Sweet 16 title run. She is ranked as the No. 41 player in the 2018 class by Robins has already scored over 2,000 points in her career at Mercer County. The four-star recruit chose the Cardinals over Kentucky and Western Kentucky. She will join the Louisville women’s basketball team in the 2018-19 season.

Here’s a Q&A with Robins:

Cardinal Authority: What was it like to win Mercer County’s first state championship? What was the most memorable part of the title run?

Robins: “Winning Mercer's first state championship is a goal that my team and I worked relentlessly for since about my 8th grade year. The most memorable part for me was just in the last couple minutes of the championship game, watching the clock tick off and looking at all of Mercer County on their feet and realizing we had done it.”

CA: In the championship game you had 8 early points to lead your team to a 13-3 lead. What was your mindset going into the game?

Robins: “In every game up until the championship game we were the team that had the slow start and we got jumped early, and I remember thinking if we could just jump out first and be the aggressor we could win this game.”

CA: How would you describe the atmosphere at the Sweet 16 in Northern Kentucky’s BB&T Arena, and when did it sink in that you were a state champion?

Robins: “The atmosphere at BB&T was great and our fan support was great especially in the championship game. It all felt very surreal at first and really hasn't sunk in until just recently what we've done for this community and program.”

CA: You had 19 points and 7 assists in the championship game to win the tournament MVP, what did it mean to you to win that award as a junior?

Robins: “To be honest, at the time I was so overwhelmed with emotions after just winning. The MVP was one of the last things on my mind, but I realize it is a very big honor to receive that award.”

CA: What made this year’s Mercer County team so special?

Robins: “I think what made our team so special is just the selflessness of our team. We played for each other and we didn’t care who got the credit as long as we came out on top. It was someone different stepping up every game.”

CA: What was it like when the team returned home to Mercer County High School on Sunday?

Robins: “Coming home Sunday night I honestly just expected to see our parents and maybe a few more people at the gym, but when we got there, tons of people from the community were there giving us a standing ovation and that was incredible.”

CA: ESPN’s Geoff Olson has described you as a “crafty combo guard with a consistent offensive arsenal” How would you describe your game and what you hope to bring to U of L?

Robins: “On my high school team I would describe my role as getting everyone involved early and making big plays when we need them. When I get to Louisville I'm not sure yet what my role will be, but whether it be offensive or defense I'll accept my role on that team as well.”

CA: What are you most looking forward to about playing for Louisville? What do you think you need to improve on before arriving at Louisville?

Robins: “I'm very excited about playing at Louisville. I love all the coaching staff, and the players have always been super welcoming. I'm just excited that I can be part of a program that works as hard as they do and plays with as much passion. There are a lot of things I believe that I still need to improve before I get to Louisville, too many to name.”

CA: What set Louisville apart in the recruiting process?

Robins: “Louisville was set apart from other schools just for the fact that they made me feel like this could be my home if I chose to go here and I would be treated like family.”

CA: Future Louisville teammate Lindsey Duvall won Miss Kentucky Basketball. Have you built a relationship with her, and is Miss Basketball a goal for you next season?

Robins: “I would consider Lindsey to be a really good friend of mine and I'm super thrilled for her and cannot wait to play with her at Louisville! I would consider Miss Basketball as a goal I would like to reach.”

CA: With over 2,000 points, a state championship, and an MVP, what else are you hoping to accomplish in your final season at Mercer County?

Robins: “Next year I'm just looking to accomplish a back-to-back state title, and individually just to improve on the things I know I need to get better at before going to Louisville.”

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