Lamar Jackson met with the media following Louisville's second day of spring practice

Offseason rust hasn't been an issue for Louisville's Heisman Trophy quarterback

Louisville's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback is back to work. 

Junior Lamar Jackson has the award ceremonies behind him and is now focused on improving his game.

With a bulkier frame - weighing in just over 200-pounds - Jackson will spend much of the next few weeks enhancing his ability to work from under center, along with setting himself in the pocket and working through his multiple receiver transitions. 

Two days of work, both without wearing pads, hasn't provided an ample opportunity to make the adjustments that head coach Bobby Petrino is asking of him, but he's making quick progress.

"It's fun right now," he said.  "He's getting me right for the season."

Jackson's strong arm and accuracy have been impressive during the first two days, with him admitting that offseason rust hasn't been a concern.

"I've been pretty good."

He does admit that he has room for development in the areas of focus, such as being "too slow" with the transition while under center, but he's not ready to grade his progress just yet.

"I wouldn't rate myself right now, I'm just getting to it," he said.  "Spring just got started."

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