A University of Louisville football notebook of items from the defensive side of the ball, including a few staff changes

A University of Louisville football notebook of items from the defensive side of the ball, including a few staff changes.


New Louisville defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon met with the media after the second spring practice on Wednesday and gave an update on a staff change in what positions the assistants are coaching.

Sirmon confirmed he was coaching outside linebackers, while Cort Dennison was coaching inside linebackers. Dennison, a first-year assistant last season who had been coach the secondary, played inside linebacker at Washington.

"He had a lot of energy," Sirmon said of Dennison. "He played that at Washington and is going to have a lot of insight for those guys."

Lorenzo Ward is the secondary coach, while L.D. Scott is coaching the defensive line. When Ward was hired, U of L coach Bobby Petrino had said he would share the secondary with Dennison.


It seems every defense has a different name for at least one position.

Sirmon said his outside linebacker group includes a few guys considered the 'star' position. Sirmon explained the 'star' spot in his defense as "a field outside linebacker."

Sophomore Lamarques Thomas, Khane Pass and true freshman C.J. Avery are the guys right now running at the star position.


Sirmon, who played linebacker in college and with the Tennessee Titans, has been described as energetic and into it by several of the players. During the first practice on Tuesday, Sirmon was getting after it with the linebackers in individual drills.

He said he wants them to stay engaged in practice, so he keeps involved with it.

"I try to be enthusiastic," Sirmon said. "Football is a tough game and I look at the coaches as the leaders.

"In every program you want to have three or four players that lead from the locker room. But it's our job as the guys of experience to come out there and set the tone."

Coaches getting to know the players

Sirmon and Ward both talked about the process of getting to know all of the players before spring ball started.

While Sirmon said that "no spot is filled" in the lineup, Ward said it was "good to sit down and learn" some things about each player.

"So much of football is getting ready for football," Sirmon said. "But getting back on the grass you get to know and then learn about them a different way. There's inside players and then there's players when they get on the field."

Quote of the day

Sirmon on why he likes the first day in pads, which will be Friday:

"It's good because then we are talking real football. Right now, we're playing high school 7-on-7. Everybody likes that, not everybody likes getting hit in the face."

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