Louisville offensive line coach Mike Summers said the line is a work in progress but he's 'excited about what we can be'

Louisville offensive line coach Mike Summers said the line is a work in progress but he's 'excited about what we can be.' The Cardinals are in the second week of spring practice.

New University of Louisville offensive line coach Mike Summers admitted "there's a lot of work to be done," in order to get the Cardinals' line up to the standards head coach Bobby Petrino wants for next season.

But Summer is also excited about the tools he had to work with on the front. The Cardinals finished practice No. 4 on Tuesday afternoon and have 11 more before the April 15 Spring Game at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

"We have made slow progress the first couple of days, but it is progress," Summers said. "I am excited about what we can be.

"But there's a lot of work to be done to get to that point."

Summers, who coached with Petrino in his previous stint at U of L, comes to Louisville after coaching the line at Florida. He has two returning starters on the much-maligned line from last season.

But he said "I'm working with guys who are willing learners."

"I don't think (his style) is a big change," Summers said. "I think it's refocusing on the details and having a better understanding of what they are trying to do as a group and then try and play together.

"It's a lot about communication. We have to communicate and understand how to work from the center of our line out."

Summers said he "actually sees a play every now and then that I really like."

During the first two open practices, returning starter Lukayus McNeil has been moved to guard and is playing on the right side with returning starter Geron Christian at tackle. Summers said those two have to be the "glue" that holds the line together.

"(The leadership from those two) still needs to develop more," Summers said, "We need to feel their presence all the time. We do feel it when things are going good but they need to be the glue that holds everything together up there."

Summers said it's a "real battle" between Nathan Scheler, Robbie Bell and Tyler Haycraft for the center position. Linwood Foy and Kenny Thomas have been running with the first team line on the left side.

"There's good competition and that will make us all better," Summers said.

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