Coach Petrino press conference quotes

Selected quotes from Coach Petrino's Monday press conference.

On the bye week

"I thought we had a good week of practice on our bye week. It's awfully early in the season to have a bye week so its a little different in what you do. We kind of went back to camp. We went back and worked a lot on fundamentals. We had more individual time than you would normally have on a bye week. We did spend half the practice preparing for Syracuse, so we could get a jump. We practiced late last night to prepare for Syracuse."

On Syracuse

"Syracuse has a very good offense.I think that will be our challenge defensively to slow them down, and get the ball back. They have a very experienced offensive line that does a good job of run blocking. Their QB had a really nice game for them the other day. He's a young man that was in and out of the lineup last year. He has a tremendous amount of talent. He can run and has a strong arm. It will be up to us to try and disrupt him, and try to pressure him and take him off his game and see if we can cause him to make some mistakes. They have a really good running back in Reyes. I coached against him last year. He's really a good player. They also have a really big receiver in Morant. He had a great return game the other and that's a big concern for us in being able to stop. Plus, being 6-4, he causes some matchup problems with us trying to cover him."

On UNC-Syracuse Game

"UNC threw the ball a bunch on them. I think Durant was 14-of-18 in the first half with a lot of yards. I thought Syracuse kind of toned their defense down a bit from last year with all the different looks that they were doing a year ago. UNC had a lot of success early in the game and had some success in the second half. Syracuse had a couple of nice turnovers. They had a really nice interception in OT. When UNC was up by 14, SU had a chance to close the game, but they made a big play on a fumble and returned it back to the 50-yard line, which allowed them to get back in the game and go to overtime. The turnovers really hurt UNC."

On playing a high-profile opponent

"We want to improve from the Kentucky game. Take it as if its another important game for us. We want to go there play really well and win the game, but want you really want to do is show a lot of improvement and get better. As you look at the big picture, our main goal with these four preseason games is to get better and get ready for our conference opener at USF." It's going to be a hostile environment.They say its lod. I haven't been in there before, but I've had people tell me its one of the loudest places they've ever been in. Stefan will have to handle that with our cadence and checks, if were even able to check. In a game like this your better off with really good tempo and not try and stay at the line of scrimmage."

Richard Owens - Senior tight end

"As an offense, we're going to come out and play our game. We want to move the ball up and down the field and score points. That's our goal. We're capable of doing that, and hopefully, we proved that we're capable of moving the ball like we did against Kentucky."

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