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ITV Q & A: James Greene

Senior James Greene is a key reserve linebacker, who provides leadership and experience. Greene, who also is a member of the Cardinal special teams, recently spoke with ITV. <P> <B>EXTRA: <a href="">ITV Gallery: Sept. 10 Practice</b></a>&nbsp;<img src="">

ITV: As a senior, how do you provide leadership to some of the younger linebackers?

James Greene: I've been here five years now and I'm a senior…they are moving a lot of freshmen in and out trying to build a solid linebacking corp…I've seen a coaches come and go and there have been a lot of ups and downs and I just try to talk with them and let them know that when things get rough to keep your head up and look forward to tomorrow. You might have a bad day today, but you could come out tomorrow and have a better day. They go through trials with school and life, and I've been through them all, so I try to let them know that there will be good things that come out of it.

ITV: How was it to get the Governor's Cup back?

Greene: It was great to go up there and beat them. I hadn't lost to them until last year, so we had to go and get the trophy back. We took it personal, so we wanted to make sure that trophy was here when we left as seniors.

ITV: You've experienced two new coaching staffs and have now gone through spring and fall practices and the first game of the season with Coach Petrino…talk about the new defensive coaches.

Greene: Coach Gillhamer is a wonderful defensive coordinator…he knows his stuff, he knows all about defense. In my personal opinion, I think he could go be a head coach anywhere, but right now he's our head coach on defense. He has the game plan mapped out to a "T."

Coach Wolthausen is a great person and he's teaching me a lot. Coach [Mike] Cox (from the previous staff) taught me a lot, but since Coach Wolthausen has been here I have learned a lot of things that I didn't know…my footwork, my hands, my technique and my preparation have all got better. Coach Wolthausen is doing a great job.

ITV: There appears to be a lot of activity along the defensive line as you prepare for the snap of the ball.

Greene: That's Coach Gillhamer's scheme. He put it together and he has faith in us to go out there and execute it and win.

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