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Bobby Petrino Press Conference Highlights

Head Coach Bobby Petrino's Monday afternoon press conference, including comments from tight end Ronnie Ghent and cornerback Josh Minkins. <P> <B>EXTRA: <a href="">Inside Conference USA</b></a>

Off to a 2-0 start to usher in the Petrino era, the Cards now look forward to playing the UTEP Miners and former U of L offensive coordinator Gary Nord this Saturday at 3:00 in the home opener at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

Petrino seemed pleased with the performance of his offensive unit against Syracuse last and the progress of first year starter Stefan LeFors.

Coach Petrino (ITV)
"It was a good game," Petrino said. "I thought offensively we were very efficient and executed. Stefan did a really nice job of putting the ball where we wanted it and making good decisions. Eric Shelton did a nice job of taking the game over in the second half and the offensive line did a real nice job of protecting the quarterback and then run blocking later in the game. And our receivers made plays."

Against both Kentucky and Syracuse, 6'3, 245 Eric Shelton has bruised through the defense to eat the clock and protect leads in the fourth quarter. Petrino explained why Shelton and the offense have had so much success late in the games.

"I think we're finding the later we get into the game, the harder it is to tackle Eric," Petrino said. "Just his size and strength and people start not wanting to tackle him and if we can get him to the safeties and make them make tackles early they'll wear down a little bit. So that's where the big runs start to come."

And though Petrino would have preferred his defense be more efficient in executing their assignments, he seemed pleased with their effort.

"Defensively we didn't play as well as we would have liked as far as our assignments go," Petrino said. "But it was as good an effort you could play with I think. We made up for our mistakes by playing hard and running to the ball and continuing to play hard the entire game."

Petrino also praised the special teams, including punter Brent Moody, who made his first collegiate start against Syracuse, replacing injured punter Wade Tydlacka.

"I thought our special teams came up big again for us," Petrino said. "I can't say enough about Moody, the punter. He did a great job. Nate getting those three balls in the corner of the end zone was very good for us. Then of course Broderick had the nice kick returns which helped us get field position and gave us an opportunity to score quickly on offense."

And after two weeks on the road, Petrino is looking forward to calling Papa John's Stadium home the next couple weeks.

"We're looking forward to the home opener," Petrino said. "We should have a good crowd and it should be a lot of fun to come home the next two weeks."

Tough he didn't know what to expect entering the season, Petrino is pleased with his teams approach to the game and the confidence they take to the field.

"It's really nice to be 2 and 0 but I really like the way we're playing," Petrino said. "I like the confidence our players possess, how they work hard during the week and we've traveled well as far as doing things right."

Ronnie Ghent (ITV)
Senior tight end Ronnie Ghent isn't surprised by the Cards 2-0 start and points to the coaching staff as the reason why.

"We've put in a lot of hard work and studied a lot of film of our opponents," Ghent said. "And the coaches are hands on on the practice field and everything they're doing is helping us."

Ghent indicated that the Cards aren't doing the trash talking on the field like some former Cardinals become known for inciting in recent years. According to Ghent, Petrino's squad takes a different approach to the game.

"We try to let our playing on the field do the talking," Ghent said. "And the score after the game will speak for itself. Speak softly and carry a big stick and we go by that day to day."

Josh Minkins (ITV)
Senior cornerback Josh Minkins agreed with Ghent's assessment of the changes in attitude and approach to the game this season.

"This year we're more discplined," Minkins said.

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