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William Gay has impressive debut

True freshman cornerback William Gay saw his first game action as a Cardinal this past Saturday in the 42-14 win over UTEP. William, as well as defensive coordinator Mike Gillhamer talked with ITV about his first experience. <P> <B>EXTRA: <a href="">ITV Gallery: Tuesday's Practice</b></a>

ITV: How did it feel to see your first action?

William Gay: "It felt good to be coming off of the sidelines. When I got on the field I just started smiling, because that was a dream come true."

ITV: Who called your name and what was running through your mind when your name was called?

Gay: "Coach Gillhamer called my name. I just wanted to make plays and show the coaches what I can do. I was nervous, but I knew that I had to shake that off and go out there and play."

William Gay (ITV)
ITV: You made some hard hits and got your first sack, is that the type of play fans should expect from you?

Gay: "You either have to go out there and hit in Coach Gillhamer's defense, or you're not going to play."

ITV: Do you feel you are progressing well and ready to see more game action?

Gay: "I'm learning the defense more everyday in practice and I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to go out there and show what I can do."

ITV: Coach, how do you feel William Gay did in his first action on the field?

Coach Gillhamer (ITV)
Coach Mike Gillhamer: "I thought he responded real well."

ITV: How is coming along in practice...has he picked the defense up well enough to see additional playing time?

Gillhamer: "He has the work ethic, but he's still making the same mistakes that a young corner would make. I've had to play corners young before and that can scar you for life. We want to take him on slow and work him in when you feel like he's ready to do it."

ITV: He was a hard-hitter on the field, is that what fans should expect from him?

Gillhamer: "I hope so. I haven't seen a lot of that in practice, but he's not afraid to hit. That was the type of opportunity that you need to get someone like him to have."

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