ITV Player of the Game Q & A: Stefan LeFors

ITV received a number of questions for Stefan LeFors who was named the ITV Player of the Game following his performance that helped Louisville defeat UTEP. Read which questions were asked and Stefan LeFors answers.

Last Saturday in the home opener against UTEP Stefan LeFors once again put together an impressive performance. The junior quarterback completed 63% of his pass attempts, throwing for 164 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Inside theVille named LeFors the ITV Player of the Game and gave visitors to the site the opportunity to submit questions to the Cardinals quarterback. His answers to the selected questions follow:

schmolke06: Your friends from Baton Rouge were wanting to know how you thought you and your team would fair against LSU? We are all praying for you and are so proud of you.

LeFors: It would be fun for me to play, because I know a couple of guys on the team. Their starting receiver, Michael Clayton and I went to the same high school. If we had to go down there on a Saturday night, in Death might get crazy. On a serious note though, I think we could go down there and hang with them...I think we could hang with anybody in the country. We have the talent all around us and with the great coaches that we have I think we could play with anybody in the county. It would definately be a fun game.

cardittack: Which upcoming team do you believe will offer the Cards the biggest challenge?

LeFors: Well really, we look at them one game at a time, but looking down the road...Memphis, Cincinnati and TCU. We haven't beaten TCU yet and they are going to try to continue that streak, so we need to break it. All of them really...Houston beat Mississippi State, so anything could happen on any given day.

1ongtimer: How much fun are you having running Coach Petrino's system?

LeFors: I'm having a blast. To be honest, it's not fun sitting on the sideline want to be able to get on the field and help the team any way that you can. It's a lot of out there playing.

Watching the final minutes
of the UTEP game
CardinalDoug: What is the hardest throw for you to make?

LeFors: Well, there's one that we have that is hard, but we haven't run that play yet. There was one throw that was pretty tough, but I got it done. It was against Syracuse. It was a play action, a quick five step and you have to hit the inside receiver in the seam. That's when I hit Broderick Clark against Syracuse. All week in practice...I was a little bit late with the throw, because my drop was slow, but in the game I executed it...I think it was all about my footwork.

catapultuofl: Do you have coaching aspirations?

LeFors: Yes I do. My brother's a coach right now and my mother's always been a brother tells me it's fun. At the college level, I don't know because that would take to much time and I want to have a family life, but on the high school level or something like that I definately do.

CardinalDoug: On a average play how many reads do you have to make?

LeFors: The first thing, I'm always looking for a blitz that would disrupt the play. Like they are going to blitz on the weak side and we're going to run that way, we can't do it and we have to bring the run back to the strong side. A lot of depends on the protection that we have. There are some plays where you just run go on the first sound and run the play. For the most part, you have to be aware of checking the plays possibility on every play.

Louisville9: Louisville has played two BCS league teams so far, in Kentucky and Syracuse. Who would say had the better team?

LeFors: Not to disrespect either one, they are both good teams, but I think Syracuse was a little bit tougher. They ran around a little bit more on defense and they were more agressive...they came out and hit us. A lot more people had more bumps and bruises after that game than they did after the first one. But no disrespect to Kentucky, they have a good team.

catapultuofl: You're decision-making out on the field is impressive. It's obvious you have a great grasp of the game. To what do you attribute this??

LeFors: The coaching. The preperation that we do all week and film study with Coach Brohm. They do a great job telling us what to expect and they have been right on with everything that they have said for the past three games. The defenses have done everything that the coaches have said that they would, so you have to trust what they are telling us.

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