CARDMarch continues to grow; hits the road

While the newest Cardinal football tradition is a hit with the fans and continues to grow, it won't just be held for the fans attending home games. CARDMarch is headed to Tampa and will be held prior to U of L's Conference USA opener against South Florida

The new Louisville football tradition, CARDMarch, which brings the players to the fans prior to each home game, is proving to be a continually growing success.

Coach Petrino leads the team (ITV)
On Saturdays at 12:45 the Louisville football team arrives in buses atop the Denny Crum Overpass. As the players depart the buses, they begin their walk into Papa John's Cardinal Stadium by coming down the steps and walking through cheering Cardinal fans lined up through the tunnel and the red lot parking area.

"It is a great new tradition," wrote newalbanycard on the ITV message boards. "It was a blast being in the tunnel. I thinks the players and the fans both loved it!"

After a few kinks in the first ever CARDMarch, which was held prior to the UTEP game, the second one appeared to run perfectly. As the team followed head coach Bobby Petrino, the fans displayed their love of the team and showered them with constant cheers and high-fives.

Players meet the fans (ITV)
"I had an opportunity to speak with several players and every one of them said they really enjoyed CardMarch and hope everyone will come out again," wrote ITV member LuvCards. "They said it gave them energy and they enjoyed slapping hands with the fans."

ITV has learned that the CARDMarch won't always be solely for the Cardinal fans attending home games as the CARDMarch is taking to the road. With the team on the road at South Florida this weekend for its Conference USA opener, the CARDMarch will be held so that alumni and fans living in Florida, as well as those that travel to Tampa, can share in the pregame experience.

Further details on the CARDMarch at South Florida are coming soon. 5,000 - 8,000 Cardinal fans are currently estimated to be in attendance on Saturday night at Raymond James Stadium.

While ITV will be represented in Tampa, we will also once again be at the Bluegrass Brewing Company and invite everyone to join us. Stay tuned for further details about ITV @ BBC for the Louisville v. South Florida game.


The CardMarch in Tampa will not be held because of security issues at Raymond James Stadium.

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