McCune named C-USA Player of the Week

Petrino, Lefors preparing for South Florida

"> McCune named C-USA Player of the Week

Petrino, Lefors preparing for South Florida


Pitino Speaks about Big East, Recruiting

Coach Pitino talked about the Big East, recruiting and other topics at Valhalla Monday afternoon. <p> <body> <p><b><a href="">McCune named C-USA Player of the Week</a></b></p> </body> <p> <body> <p><b><a href="">Petrino, Lefors preparing for South Florida</a></b></p> </body>

Coach Pitino introduced his new line of fine wine Monday afternoon at Valhalla and after a short press conference to talk about the new product spent a few minutes discussing recruiting, the Big East and other subjects.

Pitino said recruiting was going well but noted the climate change in college basketball in attempting to assemble the kind of talent he did in the last few seasons at UK

"Recruiting is going great," Pitino said. "In each step along the way in every job I take, I try to see how long does it take to get the type of talent we had in my last three years at Kentucky. And I've realized looking back on it it'll never be duplicated because the rules in our game have changed. When could you ever have eight players on one team to play in the NBA with people leaving so early? So what we're after is to have three or four potential NBA Draft choices in our program. And we think by next year that will become reality. After this recruiting class we think that will become reality."

Pitino also indicated that the game against Austin Peay did nothing but strengthen an already difficult schedule but the charity aspects for Marques Maybin made the game impossible to turn down.

"The only mistakes we've made our in scheduling," Pitino said. "I felt we bit off more than we could chew. I'll be very blunt. We didn't want to play Austin Peay. It's a great game emotionally but basketball wise we didn't want to play them. They have every person back and they played us tough all the way to the end when we pulled away."

Since early September, the players have been participating three times a week in individual instruction drills to prepare for the beginning of practice two weeks from now.

"We've been going at it now for about four weeks of training just to get them ready so they don't get injured come first weekend of practice," Pitino said. "We cut out matinee or midnight madness just because I think we have a lot to do and a lot to accomplish in a very short period of time. We want to be ready for Iowa so we're going to be very serious from the first day on."

And what does Pitino tell recruits about the likely move to the Big East?

"I tell them that regardless this is a move, if we make it, that will be primarily for football," Pitino explained. "It really doesn't matter with basketball. We're going to play a great schedule in Conference USA, and we're going to play a great schedule in the Big East. So really it doesn't matter. I say if we do move it will probably be in the best interests of our football program, which is fine with me. And if we don't move it's fine with me. So as far as our basketball program is concerned, we have two strong conferences and I'll be happy with either one. But I think that they're [prospects] figuring that we'll probably move down the road. I just want ot make them aware of that."

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