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ITV Player of the Game Q & A: Montavious Stanley

Following the 21-12 win over Temple, ITV named defensive end Montavious Stanley the Player of the Game and allowed visitors to the site to submit questions to the talented receiver. On Wednesday, Stanely answered those questions. <P> <B>EXTRA:</b> <a href=""><B>ITV Gallery: Wednesday's practice</b></a>

The Cardinal defense put together their best statistical outing in the 21-12 victory over visiting Temple last Saturday. The defense held the Owls to 53 rushing yards and recorded six sacks.

Defensive end Montavious Stanley helped lead the way. The sophomore totaled 2.5 tackles for a loss, including 1.5 sacks helping to disrupt the Temple offense.

Because of his impressive outing against Temple, Inside theVille named Stanley the Player of the Game and allowed visitors to the site to submit questions on either the ITV message board or via email. We selected some of the best and most frequently asked questions and poised them to Montavious following Wednesday's practice.

CardinalDoug: what do you think the defense needs to do better to stop the third down conversations?

Stanley: During practice we have a tendancy to stop playing and feeling like the offense can't get 10 or 5 yards on a third down against us. We have challenged ourselves to focus our attention on that during the entire practices and through the whole game.

BYUCardinal: The defensive line seemed to do better in getting to the quarterback against Temple. Did you all prepare differently?

Stanley: In our practices all week long we worked on escaping our blocks and I feel that as a defensive line that we are doing a better job of escaping and running to the ball.

Evanllyone: With argueably one of the best Defensive Lineman in UofL's history leaving for the NFL a year early did you think that you would need to step up and take over were Mr. White left off?

Stanley: He told me to hold the defense down for him and that's all I needed, because I knew he had confidence in me. When Coach Petrino came in, he set my expectations higher than I did, so I had to meet those expectations. I feel like I have met some of them, but not all of them yet.

Neil66: With the Defense getting better every game, how good can the Defense be by the end of the season?

Stanley: We can be very good. If we keep doing what we are being coached and don't try to go out there and do our own thing, we can be really good.

SmokyBar: With Tampa Bay facing the Colts in a Monday Night football game in the same stadium, does this make this game even more special?

Stanely: Dewayne called and told me that he is excited to see us play, so I want to put on a show for him. For a lot of us it is like going home, so it'll be exciting, especially knowing that Dewayne is going to be watching us.

CardinalDoug: Did you feel the Temple game rested on the defense after Lefors went out?

Stanley: We felt like we had the game under control. I believe that our offense can score if they need to score. Playing on the defensive side of the ball that is great to have that kind of confidence and believeing they can score when they need to. Really there wasn't any pressure because they already put 21 points on the board. That's all we ask is that the offense score three times, because I doubt anybody can score three times against us.

catapultuofl: How are the positions of Defensive End and Defensive Tackle different? Which do you like better and at which position do you feel you best help the team?

Stanley: The differences are everything really. You have to be faster to play on the end. At the tackle position everything happened so fast, you don't have as much time to react as you do on the end. On the end, you can make a bad step, but you can make up for it with your speed, but at tackle if you make a bad step it's over. I'd have to say I like defensive end more right now. I like getting to the quarterback more and getting one on one with the running backs.

cardsr4real: What were the main reasons that you decided to attend UofL over other schools?

Stanley: Mainly because of the fans. When I came here for a visit and saw the fans and that they have high expectations too. They don't want us to go out there and show up and they will be disappointed if you don't go out there and give them a good show. I feel like that's what I needed to push me. It makes me feel like I am being appreciated, because the fans here will let you know when you are doing good and when you are doing bad.

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