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Tony Levine, U of L's Director of Football Operations, was a guest on ITV's radio program on Monday. Coach Levine discussed the CARDMarch, future schedules, recruiting and more.

On Monday's ITV Radio program, Tony Levine, U of L's Director of Football Operations, joined the program for nearly 20 minutes and discussed a number of topics.

Coach Levine informed listeners that the newest Cardinal tradition, the pregame CARDMarch, which is held at 12:45 on gamedays, is a growing success.

"I get there a little bit early and sneak up on the Denny Crum Overpass," said Levine. "When the band starts see the fans start coming in from the green lot, getting ready to get in line and to welcome the team, is a great sight."

Following an impressive initial recruiting class this past February, Coach Petrino and staff are hard at work on the 2004 class of prospects.

"I think similar, if not better," commented Coach Levine on how he feels the next class of recruits will stack up against the current crop of freshmen.

One of the hottest topics among Louisville football fans is their desire to see the out of conference schedule improve.

"We're in the process right now and we are talking to some pretty good football schools and trying to set up home and home contests in the immediate future," said Coach Levine.

Coach Levine also mentioned that the Cardinals will be traveling to Miami next fall, with the Hurricanes making a return visit to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium for the 2006 season.

A number of additional topics were discussed as well during Coach Levine's appearance, including the play of the special teams, Michael Bush and how the pending move to the Big East Conference effects recruiting.

Following Coach Levine, we welcomed a number of callers and talked about basketball recruiting, the trip to South Florida and more.

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