ITV Gallery: CARDMarch to Victory"> ITV Gallery: CARDMarch to Victory">

ITV Video: Army Highlights

Seven video highlights from the Cardinals 34-10 victory over Army on Saturday. Hear the roar of the crowd and listen to comments from Bobby Petrino, Stefan LeFors & Michael Bush while watching the plays unfold. <P> <a href=""><B>ITV Gallery: CARDMarch to Victory</b></a>

While ITV has brought you video clips of recruiting prospects, Cardinal basketball pickup games and more in the past, we are excited to introduce the new and improved ITV Video. Troy Turbeville has joined the ITV team and will be providing us with the best video clips on the internet.

The first installment provides seven clips from the Cardinals win over Army on Saturday. Watch and listen to Stefan LeFors, Michael Bush & Bobby Petrino talk about the plays as the unfold.

All ITV Video is viewable with Windows Media Player and recommended for users with Highspeed Internet connections.

  • Listen to Michael Bush explain his 32 yard touchdown run, while watching it unfold on ITV Video. Click here for the video

  • Watch the play unfold from above as quarterback Stefan LeFors connects with Michael Bush for a 28 yard pass reception deep into Army territory. Click here for the video

  • The play of the day - Junior receiver J.R. Russell leaps in double-coverage to pull in a 66 yard reception from Stefan LeFors. Listen to LeFors talk about Russell's catch as you watch the video. Click here for the video

  • Hear the roar of the crowd as J.R. Russell turns a short completion into a long play as he runs down the Cardinal sideline. Click here for the video

  • Possibly the biggest hit of the day. Watch Kerry Rhodes helmet fly off as he brings down the Army receiver. Click here for the video

  • Watch Eric Shelton break free up the middle for a 19 yard touchdown run as head coach Bobby Petrino talks about Shelton's impressive running. Click here for the video

  • Watch true freshman Kolby Smith pull in his first career reception...a 45-yarder from Stefan LeFors in the first quarter. Click here for the video

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