Dave Telep talks Telfair, U of L hoops recruiting

The top recruiting analyst in the nation, Dave Telep of TheInsidersHoops.com, discussed the recruiting efforts of Coach Pitino and the University of Louisville Monday night on Inside TheVille Radio.

TheInsiders National Recruiting Analyst Dave Telep appeared on Inside TheVille Radio Monday evening and discussed Coach Pitino's recruiting efforts, and touched on Brian Johnson's commitment, Lorenzo Wade's improvement and Sebastian Telfair's recruitment.

As the latest member of the class of 2004 to join the Louisville stable, Telep appears high on the talent of 6'9 power forward Brian Johnson.

"I think Brian Johnson is a heck of a talent," Telep said. "He's been very valuable to USA Basketball the last couple years and those guys fell in love with him."

Playing hurt most of the summer, Johnson stock took a hit nationally but TheInsiders Hoops still rates the Arlington, Va native among the Top 30 recruits nationally.

"Brian probably hurt his stock a little bit this summer because he got a little banged up in the month of July," Telep said. "He was terrific at Nike Camp and then faded a little at the AAU Nationals. I think Louisville got a guy who is seriously ready to come in and compete at the high major level. He's a bigger, stronger James Worthy coming out of high school."

Johnson transfered to Oak Hill Academy where he'll play for Steve Smith in the highly competive Warrior's program this season.

"Competetion level is not going to be a problem for [Brian Johnson]," Telep said. "He's playing at Oak Hill this year [and] he's going up against a talented front line day in and day out at practice. And I think because of last summer he's got something to prove. So he's going to enter his high school season and hopefully Louisville with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder."

And the player the Louisville coaching staff and fans most want to hear from is 6'0 New York City point guard Sebastian Telfair.

"At this juncture in the recruitment of Sebastian Telfair, aside from Louisville, I can not name another school who feels they have a shot at him or are recruiting him real hard," Telep said. "So all signs right now point to the Sebastian Telfair and this Louisville marriage happening.

Don't expect any kind of leak locally on his commitment before the New York Media announces it either.

"We're not dealing with Joe Schmoe from Orlando, Florida," Telep explained. "This is New York. Sebastian Telfair since an eigth grader has been a four time ABCD Camp All-Star. He's clearly one of the most hyped high schools kids of the last decade. News of him committing doesn't just leak out. This is a situation where most of the high profile New York kids announce on MSG cable during some sort of a high school show or during a newscast. So his decision, you'll here about it first in New York than you will in Louisville and that's generally not the way it happens but it will in this instance."

Perhaps the forgotten man of this recruiting class is 6'5 Lorenzo Wade of Hargrave Military Academy. Though he was ranked among the Top 50 players in the class of 2003, Telep thinks he's better than even that lofty ranking.

"Lorenzo Wade was a Top 50 guy in our final class of 2003 rankings," Telep said. "I saw him two weeks ago and he's better than that. He is shooting 17-18 foot jumpshots like they're layups. Rick Pitino is going to turn that into a 21 foot jumpshot and get an extra point out of that.

Can Lorenzo play some point guard in a pinch at U of L if needed?

"I think Lorenzo Wade is an outstanding shooting guard," Telep said. "I think that's what he does best. It would take some doing to make him into a point guard and I really think the guy is a shooting guard by trade."

What about the Cards two local prospects, Terrance Farley and Donta Smith?

"Terrance Farley, if you want to put a number on him, probably falls somewhere in the Top 150," Telep said.

And Smith?

"Donta Smith is clearly among the Top 10 junior college players in the country if you listen to anybody who sees JUCO hoops on a regular basis," Telep said.

So with two Top 30 prospects, a Top 5 JUCO and a Top 150 big man, where does Telep rank the Cards recruiting class?

"We're dealing with at worst a Top Ten recruiting class," Telep said. "But not a recruiting class, without Telfair, that finishes in the top 3-5. With Telfair, it's clearly a Top 5 recruiting class.

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