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Pitino says Dean to get shot at point guard

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University of Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino addressed the media Thursday afternoon and the first thing he talked about was the expected graduation of his four seniors this year.

Though Pitino doesn't quite know what to expect from this team, he's confident they'll play well.

"I don't know what to expect because I haven't been with the guys practice wise," Pitino said. "But I think they'll be a similar type team for next year. I don't think you'll see greatness, at least from a talent standpoint, until next year. I think then we'll have what I expect to have with with program from that point on. But I do think this team is capable of big things."

When Pitino took over two years ago, he inherited one of the poorest shooting teams in U of L history. Now, things have changed on that front.

"I think the strength of our team will be our outside shooting," Pitino said. "We are a terrific shooting team."

Depth in the front court figures to be this teams achilles heel.

"Our weaknesses are obviously our front court depth," Pitino said. "We dont have a lot of people up front. But shooting does cure a multitude of sins and we can put a lineup on the floor that has four or five people that can really stick it from the outside. And that's an exciting team to coach and to watch."

Sophomore shooting guard Taquan Dean will get a shot at the beginning of the season to play the point guard position.

"We're going to try Taquan Dean at the point," Pitino said. "Whether he can play it or not remains to be seen."

Dean's competition figures to be freshman Brandon Jenkins.

"Brandon Jenkins is going to be an outstanding ball player," Pitino said. "He's very bright, and very talented. His problem is he's very physically weak."

Pitino also marveled at the transformation of his program in such a short period of time.

"Two years ago I thought we were the weakest shooting team I've witnessed, never mind coached," Pitino said. "And here today, just a very short span of time, we're an outstanding shooting team."

And expected to lead this team is 6'7 Francisco Garcia, who has increased his strength during the offseason and now checks in at 188 pounds.

"Francisco is the biggest suprise I've ever had in coaching," Pitino said.

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