Pitino, Dean, Garcia, Whitehead discuss scrimmage

Post scrimmage comments from Rick Pitino, Taquan Dean, Francisco Garcia and Luke Whitehead.

Rick Pitino on the scrimmage It was really a fun scrimmage and that's what I think this basketball team is all about. I think they're a lot of fun to watch on offense and they distribute the basketball and look for each other. They're very quick down the court. So I think our fans are going to be in for a lot of fun with the way they play and shoot the basketball. Now we just have to somehow get our defense and our rebounding to catch up to our offense and that's what we'll be spending a lot of time on in the next week. But for the first week that was a real good show. It was a close hard fought game and just the shooting of the Red Team pulled the game out.

Pitino on what he liked about his team during the scrimmageI think they're unselfish. They pass and look up the floor and advance the basketball. I think they thought pass before shot and that's why the fans were so excited and energized about the way they were playing basketball.

Pitino on walk-ons Brad Gianiny, Perrin Johnson and Chris Current We've got some really nice non-scholarship basketball players. Brad's even better but he's having a tough time seeing with that mask on. But he's very clever and does some good things. Perrin's a good athlete. Chris is a good open shooter. So they did some nice things.

Pitino on Francisco Garcia I really believe that as Francisco gets older and stronger he's even going to get better and he can become a great one. And if the NCAA would just change the foul limit to ten, I think he'd have a great shot at playing more basketball. Because of his passing he makes the team better. He gets in the lane and finds people. Taquan and Nate will benefit tremendously off Franciso's penetration, much like the guys did with Reece last year. Greatness lies ahead for that young man. How great he can be will depend on how much he physically matures. He just has a great flair for the game. By his junior year I think he'll truly be one of the great ones I've coached.

Pitino on the hustle during the scrimmage We expect that, that's the norm for us. I think this team has a lot of limitations to it but we're not going to worry about those, in terms of bulk upfront. We're going to try to play to our assets and not worry about our weaknesses. But our speed, our shooting , our unselfishness and our passing is what we're going to try to concentrate on.

Pitino on Ellis MylesEllis is playing terrific basketball and it's pleasing for all of us to see him play that way. He's still not one hundred percent in terms of his conditioning and his knee but he's close to it.

Pitino on Taquan Dean's play at point guard He did a really nice job. He's got to cut down on his turnovers. He had three assists and six turnovers. It should be the other way around but he's getting used to it and he'll get better each time out.

Pitino on Nouha Diakite's role this season He's a good shot blcoker. He grabs a lot of rebounds. He's just getting used to the system. So he'll certainly get better in time.

Taquan Dean

On the scrimmage It's not about winning and losing. It's about getting the little kinks in the offense and defense out and gelling together. Winning and losing doesn't really matter, we're just trying to get better.

On the U of L defenseWe ran the floor well but we didn't get back in transition defense. But our offense is ahead of our defense and we just have to step that up. Once we step that up we'll be a great team.

On the biggest adjustment to playing the point Getting people in the right spot and then shooting. I found myself thinking a lot out there instead of just making the easy pass and that's when I got turnovers.

Francisco Garcia

On his biggest improvement since last season Probably getting my teammates more involved in the game.

On Dean's transition to point guard He's doing great. In the summer he told me he was going to work on it and I said yo, go right ahead. He's shown me that he's worked on his handle skills and sees the floor better.

Luke Whitehead

On the team's playI was very impressed. We're working hard and trying to do all things that coach told us. Tonight the new guys came out and looked like they've been playing for a while and everybody gave it a lot of energy. So I was very happy with the team.

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